Fulton County, Northville eyed for business

GLOVERSVILLE — Developers are showing interest in the Hales Mills Road Extension area and downtown Northville, the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth board of directors heard Friday.

In a report to the board, Fulton County Planning Director James Mraz noted the Board of Supervisors has approved a second county water district for the proposed Hales Mills Road Extension development area. The area is from the city of Gloversville to the town of Johnstown. The county is doing a 6,075-linear foot waterline project on the west side of the extension.

“We’ve actually set up a couple meetings with [potential] developers,” Mraz said.

The county hopes to attract new housing, commercial and retail ventures, and grow the tax base while creating jobs and improving quality of life with the Hales Mills Road Extension project. The county is trying to establish public water services along the road to build on retail development begun a few years ago with the nearby Gloversville Walmart Supercenter on South Kingsboro Avenue Extension.

Mraz said the waterline project is expected to start in early May.

In a separate report to the board, CRG President and CEO Ronald Peters said he has spent a year making business contacts and presentations for the village of Northville, and the effort may be paying off.

“That’s going pretty darn good,” Peters said. “We have a developer that wants to work on an anchor project downtown.”

Peters declined to give out further details, although he alluded to a potential $250,000 grant for Northville. He said he is working on a total of four potential “deals” for Northville. He said Mayor John Spaeth has been very supportive.

In another — the city of Johnstown — Peters said good things may also be happening on the horizon.

“I want to work with the city of Johnstown,” the CRG official said.

Peters addressed the Johnstown Common Council in a Feb. 21 presentation, telling that city’s officials he would like to work closer with the city.

“It was discussed afterwards that we’re interested,” Johnstown Mayor Vern Jackson told the CRG board.

Peters cited recent success working with the city of Gloversville.

The CRG office, which is located in downtown Gloversville, has hired new Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist Jennifer Jennings.

Jackson also introduced new Johnstown Councilman-at-Large Craig Talarico to the board.

Michael Anich covers Johnstown and Fulton County news. He can be reached at [email protected]

By Patricia Older

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