Johnstown may streamline use of school facilities

JOHNSTOWN — The Greater Johnstown School District Board of Education next month will consider streamlining policy regarding use of district facilities by for-profit entities.

Board President Kathryn Zajicek gave a brief report on facilities use during the board’s meeting Thursday night at Glebe Street Elementary School.

The district currently allows some for-profit entities to use facilities. Zajicek said a question has come up about whether to change the policy in any way.

“I asked for information regarding this,” Zajicek stated.

She said the Gloversville Enlarged School District and Broadalbin-Perth Central School District responded to her informational request. She said the information will be reviewed on the committee level April 6.

Zajicek said the full board will review the information at the board’s April 26 business meeting at Knox Junior High School.

In other business, it was noted the board will conduct a retreat Monday at the Holiday Inn.

Zajicek said the board may go back to having a time limit on public comments at board meetings. A three-minute limit was discussed, but not voted on.

“We have to be consistent,” said board Vice President Evamarie Mraz.

The board decided informally to look into the public comment structure at a later date.

School Business Manager Alice Sise informed the board that internal auditors were currently reviewing the district’s financial records. She said auditors wanted to know what specific area to cover, and Sise said she suggested grants be reviewed.

Superintendent Patricia Kilburn reported kindergarten students at Pleasant Avenue Elementary School were added to a new dismissal loop at the school. Starting March 20, she said they will be released at 2:55 p.m., followed by first-graders. She said a curb cut is due to be done this summer at the school, and the district continues to work with the city on traffic and parking safety issues.

The board had its official photo taken, and was welcomed to the elementary school through signs made by students.

Public speaker Dick Baker of Route 67 asked why the district was building more parking spaces at Johnstown High School.

Kilburn said many people park in fire lanes in front of the school. She also said a “right of way” will be created between the back area of JHS and nearby Warren Street Elementary School.

“It’s for safety,” the superintendent said.

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By Chad Fleck

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