3 Amsterdam teens indicted in murder

Christopher Malave

AMSTERDAM — Three city teens have been indicted by a Montgomery County grand jury for the March murder of Alexander Martuscello, according to District Attorney Kelli P. McCoski.

Indicted prior to Wednesday’s Montgomery County Court appearance were:

∫ Raymond Matros, 18, of 24 Clark Ave. with two counts of second-degree murder, attempted robbery and two counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

∫ Anthony Matros, 16, of 24 Clark Ave., with two counts of second-degree murder, attempted robbery.

∫ Christopher Malave Jr., 19, of 33 Bunn St. with two counts of second-degree murder, two counts of attempted robbery.

Montgomery County Court confirmed the three plead not guilty to the charges Wednesday in court.

McCoski said the second murder charge, also known as felony murder, relates to the fact that the killing occured during the commission of another crime.

She said the first of the criminal possession charges for Raymond Matros was for possession of a shotgun and the other was for the fact the idenfitication numbers on the gun had been filed down.

McCoski said conviction on one of the second-degree murder charges against the three could bring sentences of up to 25 years to life in prison.

In the early morning hours of March 9, Raymond Matros fired a 12-gauge shotgun through the front door of the first floor apartment at 56 Glen Ave., striking Martuscello, 23, in the upper torso, killing him, the indictment states.

McCoski said it is believed the teens were looking for someone else.

“But unfortunately, Alex Martuscello came to the door,” she said.

City Police Chief Gregory Culick said during a March press conference the teens had a previous non-physical altercation with someone at the Glen Avenue residence.

Culick said that in the pre-dawn darkness, there was likely no way the teens could tell who was behind the door.

Culick said that all three admitted to their part in the killing during police interviews. He said the three realized what they did and wanted to get what happened off their chests.

No bail has been given to the three. McCoski said the attorney for Anthony Matros did make an application for bail for his client, but said Montgomery County Court Judge Felix Catena denied the application.

All three were remanded without bail to Montgomery County Correctional Facility.

McCoski said there is a scheduled pretrial conference set for 2:30 p.m. April 28. She said she has not been approached at this point by any of the defendants’ attorneys about an offer.

McCoski said a trial date for the teens is set for Sept. 5.

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By Chad Fleck

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