Court lowers two city assessments

JOHNSTOWN — State Supreme Court has lowered the assessments on two city of Johnstown watershed properties in the town of Johnstown.

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors’ Finance Committee on Thursday discussed the court decision, which orders the county to refund the city $6,272 in taxes.

According to the committee, a settlement was reached to lower the assessments of two city of Johnstown watershed properties. The settlement came from litigation involving the city taking the town of Johnstown to court to have the assessments reduced.

Johnstown Mayor Vern Jackson had no comment Monday for lack of information.

“I haven’t see the notice,” Jackson said.

Johnstown Water Board President Nicholas Cannizzo Sr. couldn’t be reached Monday or Tuesday.

According to information provided by Fulton County, the court order reduces assessments as follows on the two Johnstown watershed properties: from $1.49 million to $1.3 million on one parcel; and from $58,500 to $23,400. The court order affects tax years 2013 through 2017.

The county’s Finance Committee on Thursday approved a proposed resolution for the full board to consider Monday to refund the city $6,272 in taxes.

The city of Johnstown operates two slow sand filtration plants. The facilities are the Christman Plant and Cork Center. The source of city water is west of the city, in the town of Johnstown, and is comprised of three reservoirs — Christman Reservoir, Cork Center Reservoir and Larabee Reservoir. The city provides water through 3,400 service connections to more than 8,700 residents. The average daily demand in the city is about 1.7 million gallons of water.

By Patricia Older

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