Gloversville DPW lays out spring work plans

GLOVERSVILLE — The city’s Department of Public Works is working on a number of projects this spring, including cleanup of catch basins around the city.

DPW Director Dale Trumbull told the Common Council on April 11 about a number of projects and improvements, some of which have already started.

Trumbull said the department has been at the Beaver Street brush dropoff in the past few weeks doing cleanup at the site.

“We’ve been hauling brush and leaves and we were just overwhelmed over there for a while, but it’s pretty well cleaned up there now,” he said.

Trumbull said the city will be replacing some catch basins and cleaning out others this spring and summer. He said the city will be installing pre-cast catch basins. He said there are 1,565 catch basins in the city, and the city was able to repair or replace 35 of them last year.

The city has begun cleaning the ditches over by Parkhurst Field on Harrison Street and Industrial Parkway. Trumbull said Fulton County Public Works will be on hand to help with that project.

Trumbull said the city has also ordered more than 100 new street signs to be installed this spring and summer around the city. He said a number of them are in poor shape or missing and need to be replaced.

The sand barrels in the city have been removed and put in storage. They have been replaced with trash cans at keypoints, including in parks.

Trumbull said DPW workers have also been at city parks cleaning up sticks and other debris from winter storms.

On city roads, the street sweepers has been out, with crews patching damage to city roads from the winter.

“Potholes continue to be filled on a daily basis,” Trumbull said.

Trumbull said he is starting to put together the list of streets to be paved this year. He said it will take him about a month to get the list of streets together.

“We’re getting a little earlier jump on it this year,” he said.

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By Chad Fleck

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