Golf, anyone?

Brodie Mosconi, 5, and his brother, Oakley, 3, look for advice from their mother, Jennifer Allen of Gloversville, at the indoor miniature golf event at the Johnstown Public Library Saturday. (The Leader-Herald/Eric Retzlaff)

JOHNSTOWN — For 5-year-old Brodie Mosconi, obstacles aren’t obstacles—they’re a challenge.

Not a newbie at miniature golf, he said, “It’s really fun because of the obstacles,” at the fifth annual 18-hole Johnstown Classic: Mini-Golf at the city library.

“They love the indoor golfing,” said Jennifer Allen of Gloversville, mother of Brodie and his 3-year-old brother, Oakley.

Lynsey Hulbert of Galway brought her son, Rhyker, 3, at the behest of her aunt, who lives in Johnstown.

Hulbert, who grew up in Johnstown, wanted to give her son a shot at a game he never played before.

While the kids putted through the library, most parents and other adults were busy gambling on some of the 64 raffle baskets scattered throughout the library.

“They’re only a dollar a ticket, and it’s for a good cause,” said Melissa Blanchard of Johnstown as she was writing a name and phone number on 20 tickets.

Tickets were placed in individual canisters the raffle baskets. “Basket” was a loosely used term since some of the donated raffle items were way to large to fit in a basket. The baskets, which have been garnering tickets since February, could contain any number of themed items, such as tools, children’s craft items, scientific kits for youths, Adirondack trails exploration materials, or outdoors equipment—the only requirement is that they each contain a book.

Undiscouraged by five years of losing, Shannon King said, “Every year I put my tickets in, and I haven’t won yet.

I hope to win this year.”

She wasn’t crying over lost dollars because, as a member of the library board, she is supporting a cause she believes in.

“Everybody has a good time,” said Eric Wing, director of the library.

Wing said she expects a “a good thousand people” to participate in the event, which is always planned to sidestep school vacations and major holidays, such as Easter.

The effort has been worth it. Last year, the library received some $16,000 from the golf/raffle program, she said

By Patricia Older

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