Montgomery County approves new building roof

FONDA — The Physical Services Committee of the Montgomery County Legislature Tuesday night voted to approve hiring a company to put a new roof onto the County Public Safety Building.

District Legislator 1 Martin Kelly said when Montgomery County began construction of a new wing of the public safety building it was discovered that the original construction of the building, which occurred more than 20 years ago, had not included proper insulation in the roof part of the building.

“So, we’re taking steps to correct that,” Kelly said. “If you have a leaky roof that can lead to structural issues and electrical issues. We know we have enough issues at the jail, so an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.”

The resolution passed by the Physical Services Committee hires the low bidder for the project, Titan Roofing, located at 32 Railroad Avenue, Albany, to replace the roof at a cost of $883,200. The resolution states the county already bonded for the money for the project in 2016 as part of the county’s six-year capital project plan, which itself is one of New York state’s requirements for a County Executive/County Legislature form of government.

Ossenfort said the lack of insulation in the roof of the public safety building probably cost the county $20,000 to $25,000 a year in extra energy bills.

“That’s not to mention that the roof is leaking and it’s in need of replacement,” Ossenfort said. “This has needed to be done ever since I started, but it was lower on the priority list, so the time for it is now. When we did the SmartWatt Initiative …. when [New York state] came in and looked at the [energy] inefficiencies were in our buildings. That’s when we found that the insulation was never installed under the roof, and they estimated it was $20,000 to $25,000 we were losing in heating and cooling costs. This is just one of those things that when you hear about it — it boggles the mind that this wasn’t done.”

Ossenfort said many other upgrades also need to be done to the other older parts of the public safety building.

“This is everything from tiles on the floor to the roof to the software system in the jail. There’s just a whole host of things that need to be done. We’re trying to prioritize and knock them off, one by one,” Ossenfort said.

The full County Legislature will vote on the roof resolution at its April 25 meeting.

By Patricia Older

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