Officials explore ways to slow drivers on Kingsboro

GLOVERSVILLE — City officials are continuing to look for ways to slow drivers down on South Kingsboro Avenue.

During Tuesday’s Common Council meeting, Police Chief Marc Porter and Department of Public Works Director Dale Trumbull discussed ongoing plans the city and an outside engineering firm have been working on. The city has been looking for ways to have more drivers do the 30 mph speed limit on South Kingsboro Avenue and not 40 mph, or more, as they sometimes see.

Porter said Creighton Manning Engineering of Albany has been putting the finishing touches on a study the city commissioned last year.

He said one idea being looked at is a potential four-way stop at the intersection of South Kingsboro Avenue and Steele Avenue. That section currently has a flashing yellow light on the South Kingsboro Avenue side and red flashing light on Steele Avenue.

“That will slow drivers down before they go down the hill,” Porter said.

Porter said that unlike Kingsboro Avenue, where there are multiple stoplights, there are no stops along the entire stretch of South Kingsboro from East Fulton Street to Route 30A.

“There is not a stop sign or a cycling light on that route,” Porter said. “I’ve compared it to an arterial, only in the city.”

He said other ideas included lane narrowing, sidewalks or curbing installed along the roadway.

Porter said Creighton Manning is hoping to install a vehicle counter to gather some more data before submitting their final report.

Trumbull said driving down South Kingsboro Avenue currently can feel like driving on Route 30A since it is so wide. He said the idea of narrowing the road, either through sidewalks, curbing or striping could help people remember they are on a residential city street.

Trumbull said the city is looking to apply for a grant to pay for any needed improvements for the road. He said prior to that the area needs to be surveyed.

Porter said a speed feedback sign will be moved further up the hill for the southbound lane from its current location near Grandview Avenue to near Eagle Street in the coming weeks. He said another will be installed going north near the Burger King.

Porter said the Harrison Street speed sign will be put back for the summer before the start of the Parkhurst Field Little League season.

The speed-display signs were obtained by the city last year. The signs show the speed of passing cars and are powered by solar panels. They were removed for the winter months, but will be reinstalled in time for summer.

Porter said the official recommendations from Creighton Manning should be arriving soon.

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By Patricia Older

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