City to replace street signs

GLOVERSVILLE — The Department of Public Works has begun replacing 190 street signs around the city.

DPW Director Dale Trumbull said crews have started placing the new fiberglass signs along Washington Street.

Trumbull said the new signs are larger and are printed with reflective lettering, making them easier to read at night.

Trumbull said the signs are being produced in house, with plans to make about 190 this year. The city is still awaiting the arrival of the brackets needed for installation.

Trumbull said he doesn’t know how many signs will go up in total, but said the department plans to do as many as it can, focusing on those worst off or missing.

“The signs are going up all around the city. We tried to pinpoint which ones were worse than others,” Trumbull said. “We’d like to replace all the ones that need to be replaced this year, but our budget just doesn’t allow us. So we are going to get what we can this year and then next year we’ll start again.”

The current signs are made of metal, many of which are bent, twisted or missing. Trumbull said he does not know how long they have been in place.

In other projects, Trumbull said the city has selected Callanan Industries of Schenectady for the summer paving plan. Trumbull said the streets have been selected, but the city is awaiting pricing.

Callanan will also replace handicap ramps on streets with new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant ramps that feature dome shaped bumps and are at least 36 inches wide.

“Right now we’re waiting on pricing. They need to do some more measuring and get the cost of the ADA corners, then we’ll know more and can select exactly what we will do,” Trumbull said.

The DPW has been sweeping streets and collecting leaves that were left over from the fall.

The city will be putting new siding on a building at Darling Field and replace the roofing and windows on the storage shed at Melchior Park. The roof on the shed at Meyers Park will be replaced and the pavilion will get a new roof.

The Darling Field tennis courts will be cleaned up this spring, possibly starting this month.

By Chad Fleck

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