Marquee repairs begin at the Glove

Glove Performing Arts Center General Manager Nino “Tony” Pazzaglia begins repairs on the center’s marquee Wednesday in Gloversville. The Glove has scheduled a concert series to help raise funds for the repairs. (The Leader-Herald/Bill Trojan)

GLOVERSVILLE — Passing by the Glove Performing Arts Center in the coming weeks, drivers and walkers may want to look up to see the changes taking place.

Glove Director Richard Samrov confirmed the theater has begun renovations to the historic marquee that was damaged during a wind storm in February 2016.

One evening, performers rehearsing in the theater noticed that three glass pieces and a few plexiglas panels on the marquee had fallen and shattered onto the sidewalk. The next week, a similar incident occurred again, all related to the wind storm.

Panels in the front are missing and wires that allow the letters to be hung are broken. In addition, a metal panel meant to be placed over the lights came loose and was hanging from the bottom of the sign.

Some of the lettering was lost as well.

The cost to have an outside company replace the entire marquee would have been $120,000 to $150,000. Samrov said that is where Nino “Tony” Pazzaglia comes in. Pazzaglia was recently named general manager of the theater.

Samrov said the theater directors and the 14 board members are all volunteers. As a part of volunteering, they all take on various projects and the one that Pazzaglia has chosen is to repair the marquee.

“This is all volunteer. We just have to pay for materials,” Samrov said. “It’s a labor of love.”

Pazzaglia has begun installing new special finished metal over the marquee. Samrov was planning to order new heavy-duty plexiglass panels on Wednesday.

“We’re calling it an extreme marquee makeover,” Pazzaglia said.

He said the light sockets will not be usable since exposure to weather has made them inoperable.

Pazzaglia said the theater eventually would like to install LED lighting and a digital display board similar to what is in place at Proctor’s Theater.

The marquee would be able to scroll through upcoming events and could be used for advertising purposes to raise funds for the theater.

Pazzaglia said the theater currently has enough money to install the metal and plexiglass to the marquee, but still needs to raise around $20,000 to purchase the LED sign.

Pazzaglia said the theater does not have a grants writer, so making the repairs is 100 percent dependent on donations and funds raised through events.

“It is extremely important that people come to the events,” he said.

Samrov said the community has been wonderful in donating money to the projects.

Until the sign is purchased and installed, the old lettering will be used for displays.

Pazzaglia said that repairing the marquee is not only good for The Glove, but it is good for the look of downtown.

The board has work days where they do activities such as painting and cleaning of the building.

Samrov said Pazzaglia has also installed a new sound board and lighting system. In addition, a glass case has been added to the concession stand to display candy.

The Glove is still looking to renovate a bathroom so it can increase its capacity and hopes to be able to renovate the balcony in the future.

“With the money we get in from donors, we try to use it to make the venue easy to come to, comfortable. The audience should always be treated like kings and queens because they paid to come in,” Samrov said.

“We have fun. It’s not a chore and we enjoy what we’re doing,” Pazzaglia said.

To help raise funds for the marquee, the Glove will be holding the Marquee Madness Fundraiser starting at 2:30 p.m. Saturday.

Five bands will be playing throughout the day.

The admission cost is $10.

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By Chad Fleck

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