Officials looking to alter city code allowing alcohol to be served at events

GLOVERSVILLE — City officials are looking at altering the special events code to allow alcohol consumption during large festivals or cerebrations that have the proper permits.

During Tuesday’s Common Council meeting, Fourth Ward Councilman Steven Smith brought up that the city code currently does not allow for alcohol to be permitted on any public right of way or city-owned property.

Smith said the strict code means that events should not have been allowed to have participants samples alcohol drinks in city streets, sidewalks, parks or other city-owned property.

He said calls have been made for the issue to be fixed before the Aug. 11 Twilight Market. Stump City Brewery is seeking to be able to participate and sell their beer during the event.

City officials said there could be a good reason to not allow alcohol at events, such as people drinking too much and hurting themselves.

Mayor Dayton King said the city could make changes such as ensuring that the organizer has the proper license and insurance for the event and seeing that a hold-harmless clause is in place for the city.

Sixth Ward Councilman Wrandy Siarkowski said if wanted, the Gloversville Business Improvement District could allow alcohol in Castigilone Park, since it is a private park owned by the BID.

King said if the change isn’t made, Stump City has said it would considering offering a free coupon for people to come to the brewery and sample their offering.

The council has scheduled a public hearing for the July 25 meeting. That will mean that if the plan goes forward, approval could come before the Aug. 11 Twilight Market.

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By Patricia Older

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