Big plans in Fonda’s future

FONDA — The village is planning a new comprehensive plan to plot out what the future of the village might look like.

During Tuesday’s unveiling for the new Nathan Littauer Primary Care center, village mayor Bill Peeler discussed the plan, and how the new facility fits into it.

Peeler said the comprehensive plan will serve as a map of the wants of the community. He said the goal is to make sure village residents are getting what they want and not just what village officials preserve them as wanting.

“We have a lot of ideas, but we want to make sure that is the vision that our people have,” Peeler said.

Peeler said the village has involved both communities and businesses both in and out of the village in the comprehensive plan. He said a draft plan has been created.

Peeler said he is asking residents to let village officials know what they want to see and why they have chosen to live here.

“This will go out to the public for approval and changes, amendments and the like, because we want to make sure what ever we are shaping is exactly what folks in our community want to have,” Peeler said.

Primary considerations for the plan is infrastructure and its impact on development.

“We cannot have facilities like [Nathan Littauer Primary Care] if we cannot provide them proper services,” Peeler said.

Peeler said recreational facilities are also part of it, along with historical preservation. Residential improvements to the older inventory of homes and creating new housing are touched upon in the plan. Economical development, disaster mitigation and fiscal planning are all a part of the plan.

Peeler said the village is also looking at shared services, including meeting with the village of Fultonville.

“A river does not separate us, it’s just a river. We are Fonda-Fultonville. We will always be Fonda-Fultonville,” Peeler said. “We want to work with our neighboring communities to keep improving not just our community, but their communities as well.”

Peeler said the village will look into creating a zoning plan. He said Fonda is one of only two communities in Montgomery County without zoning.

“That is going to be vital to us getting grant funding,” Peeler said.

The plans are not just economic however, Peeler said the village is looking to bring entertainment to the village park with a stage for concerts and other events and creating a campground facility.

Peeler said the county’s plan to move out of the Park Street Office Building and DPW facility will help the village with its waterfront vision. Peeler said the Park Street Building could be turned into condominiums and the DPW facility could be turned into an entrance to the campground.

“The goal of our efforts is to make our community a place where we can enjoy our rural culture while seizing economic opportunities. A place you would want to come to visit and live,” he said.

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By Patricia Older

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