Towers to have knock boxes

GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Housing Authority will be moving forward with installing knock boxes at the towers to allow for easier access to the city’s fire department in case of emergency.

The issue was raised by a tenant in July, who stated there have been issues with emergency personnel having to bang on the front doors to get someone to open it for them to respond to an emergency call.

Board of Commissioner Chairman John Castiglione recommended that the board vote to approve the installation of the items.

Commissioner Marcia Weiss said the boxes work by having a key for the fire department to use to get into the buildings.

Firefighter Bill Rowback told the commissioners that the key can also be used by the Fulton County Ambulance Service. Firefighters often accompany ambulances to emergency calls in the city.

“All there is, is a key. Inside that box will be a key to the front door and also a key to the fire panel,” Rowback.

Rowback said the fire panel has keys to all the apartments.

Also during the meeting:

— Towne announced that the board will begin getting monthly reports on the GHA’s vacancy rate. He said at Forest Hill Towers there are only two vacancies, down from a previous 19.

“We are making good progress on that in just a short period of time,” Towne said.

— The board will be looking to extend two contracts that are up this year. Towne said a contract for accounting services with Cindy Gaugler is up on Sept. 30, and a new contract needs to be signed. He said Gaugler works for the Saratoga Housing Authority and the GHA contracts for her services.

He said the contract for Joseph Mastrianni Inc. who administers the housing choice voucher program in the city through the GHA expires on Sept. 30 as well. He said the board will need to decided who it wants to administer that program as well. He said he is recommending the GHA go with Mastrianni again for at least the next 12 months till “we get our feet underneath us.”

∫Also during the meeting, Towne announced that the GHA will need to find a new a new public officials insurance carrier. He said the GHA got word the current carrier has decided not to renew that insurance.

“That is due to a high loss ratio,” Towne said.

By Patricia Older

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