GHA, Mattice reach settlement

Gloversville Housing Authority Interim Executive Director Daniel Towne, Board of Commissioners President John Castiglione and Commissioner Marcia Weiss are shown at Tuesday’s meeting at Dubois Gardens. (The Leader-Herald/Kerry Minor)

GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Housing Authority and embattled Executive Director Timothy Mattice have reached an agreement for his release from the entity.

During Tuesday’s Board of Commissioners meeting, the board unanimously approved a resolution regarding the proposed settlement.

Board President John Castiglione announced the two sides have come to a resolution on the appointment and the term of employment for Mattice.

GHA attorney Ben McGuire told those present at the meeting that a general release and settlement agreement was signed by Mattice. He said the agreement was contingent upon the final review of the GHA’s counsel and expiration of any waiver or revocation periods.

Mattice was put on paid administrative leave on July 20 by the board of commissioners following a three-hour executive session, during which Mattice left Kingsboro Towers where the meeting was being held, after being called in roughly two and a half hours into the meeting.

The board then announced that he and staff member Sheri McCloskey had been put on paid administrative leave. No information on McCloskey’s leave has been released yet.

Former Executive Director Daniel Towne was named interim at the July 20 meeting. Towne worked for the GHA for 31 years, retiring in 2015.

Towne declined to speak about the situation after the meeting, referring any comments to McGuire. The resolution does allow Towne to sign the agreement on behalf of the GHA.

McGuire said at this point he can’t say anything detailed about the issue since it is still a personnel matter that is pending final resolution.

“The agreement is not binding at this time. So until that time, we cannot comment,” he said.

McGuire said he will be able to release information on the settlement once the revocation period is up and the contract becomes binding.

Mattice was named executive director in June 2015. His starting salary at the agency was $70,000. That increased to $72,000 in October 2015, then to $75,705 on Dec. 1, 2015. Both of those increases were part of an agreement on his salary before he started. A final raise to $102,000 was made in Oct. 2016. GHA board members said the $26,295 salary increase was apparently due to him driving his own vehicle for work purposes rather than a GHA vehicle.

Prior to joining the GHA, Mattice had served as the director of housing and community development for Troy since 2005. He also had served as Troy’s planning commissioner, planner and assistant planner from 1999 to 2005.

By Patricia Older

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