Hydrant flushing may cause water discoloration

GLOVERSVILLE —Discolored water may be an issue in the city following the flushing of hydrants.

The Gloversville Water Department is advising residents that when hydrant flushing occurs, a surge in the water system can stir up the natural causing sediments in the waterlines. This is a normal occurrence and the water is completely safe to drink.

The water department advises residents that if they have discoloration in their water, let the water run for a few minutes and the water should clear up.

“If you have an earthy smell/taste to your water, this is due to algae in our raw water supply being killed off by either our department adding a chemical to our raw water to rid our reservoirs of the algae, or because of the water temperature is getting colder and the algae is dying off because of the cooler water temperature,” the department writes. “Even though there is an unpleasant odor/taste, the water is still safe to drink and cook with. The water has gone through the filtration process and has been tested before it enters our system.”

If for more information, or any questions or concerns, contact the water department at (518) 773-4520.

By Patricia Older

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