Oldest 5 & 10 in nation seeks big expansion

Manager Elayne Wade stands behind counter of Northville 5 and 10 on Thursday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O’Hara)


The Leader-Herald

NORTHVILLE — The oldest 5 and 10 cent store in New York state might be getting a new look.

Owner of the Northville 5 and 10 store, Brian Correll, said if it receives the New York state block grant it applied for, the upper floor in the building will be renovated, and he will be renovating the building next door that he recently purchased.

“We want to expand the retail space,” Correll said.

The manager of the Northville 5 and 10, Elayne Wade, said they will be expanding the clothing, fishing and camping departments upstairs in the store.

“We are looking to open the upstairs another 3,000 square feet,” Wade said.

Correll said they would like to put in more clothing for young children and women. There will also be supplies for hunting, but there will not be any guns or ammunition.

Correll said they would like to renovate the building next door, 132 South Main St. In that building, he said he plans to put in a restaurant, a bakery and a tea room downstairs. Upstairs there will be two offices, a one-bedroom apartment and storage space.

“We had a market analysis done next door and it proved to be very favorable,” Correll said.

Correll said a lot more people have been coming into the store and business is increasing.

Correll said there also has been a lot out-of-area customers coming into the Northville 5 and 10.

“The store has been doing well,” Wade said.

According to the Northville 5 and 10 website, it is the oldest five and dime in the nation, 110 years to be exact. The website states that the store started in 1907 by R.G. DeWitt. The store was moved and constructed in 1912 by James Willard, to the corner of Division and First Street.

In 1914, the store was moved to its current location on Main Street by James Willard.

According to the website, it has been a five and dime store since 1997 when the present owner purchased the establishment.

Correll said the grant would be $500,000, and they would have to match it with $125,000.

Correll said they should find out whether they will get the grant at the end of November or the beginning of December.

If the store is awarded the grant, renovations would start in January.

By Patricia Older

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