A special kind of dinner

Arelene Rambush, left, Northville High School Principal Kyle McFarland, center, and Elementary Principal Tammy Reidell, right pose for photo before carving the turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner during the school’s “Kindergarten Feast” event on Tuesday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O’Hara)

NORTHVILLE — Thanksgiving is a holiday for giving thanks, spending time with family and following traditions. Northville Central School held their traditional “Kindergarten Feast” as the kindergarteners with their families and the high school senior class dug in to a Thanksgiving feast Tuesday.

The high school seniors prepared and cooked the Thanksgiving dinner for the kindergarten students and their families.

Shannon Fitzgerald, communications at NCSD, said it’s a tradition that started 40 years ago when the senior class made Thanksgiving dinner for the kindergarteners and their families.

“It’s a great tradition; it’s a great way to have our seniors give back to the classes and to the community because they’re the ones that sign up to do all of the cooking,” said Kyle McFarland, high school principal.

During the Thanksgiving feast, the seniors paired up with the kindergarten students to eat with them and the kindergartener’s family.

The high school seniors were able to enjoy the food they made and they helped the kindergarteners they paired up with them to get the food. They then were also able to meet the families of the kindergarteners and have conversations with them.

“My favorite part is seeing the older kids interact with the younger kids and giving them an opportunity to talk and enjoy a meal together; meet new families too,” said Tammy Reidell, elementary principal.

“I think it’s a really good idea,” said Tom Fifield, parent. “It helps them bond and it’s a positive influence.”

The “Kindergarten Feast” is something that the high school students — who were once kindergarteners — look forward to at the beginning of the year.

“Some of the seniors were kindergarteners who did this,” Fitzgerald said.

“I think it’s a really cool experience. I don’t know of any other school that does something like this,” said Chris Finley, senior. “It’s really nice to see and get to spend time with younger kids.”

“It’s been a long-standing tradition since even I was a kindergartener in the same school,” Reidell said. “It really brings out the best in all of the kids, and it’s great way for the seniors to give back to the kindergarteners.”


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