Council set to vote on budget

GLOVERSVILLE — The Common Council is expected to vote on the proposed 2018 city budget tonight.

The proposal includes $17.75 million in appropriations. The city would need to use $1.18 million in fund balance to make up the deficit between appropriations and the $16.57 million in anticipated revenue.

The city’s tax rate would remain flat at $20.64 per $1,000 of assessed value. The proposed budget included a 2 percent tax rate decrease, but the amount was reduced during budget meetings with various departments earlier in the month.

During the sessions, the council members were able to shave off $9,000 from the DPW budget due to an error on the small equipment line.

The city was able to cut $94,500 out of the fire department’s budget due, in part, to a $21,500 reduction in contractual agreements line and $75,000 out of demolition of buildings.

The council also cut a proposed new masonry position. DPW director Dale Trumbull told the council during a Nov. 14 budget session that the mason was to expedite the repairs to catch basins and manholes. Trumbull said the initial thought was with another mason in place it could be contracted out and in the winter the person could plow. He said that with pre-cast items, it could move faster, so the city wouldn’t necessarily need another mason.

The city will be creating a temporary job for 2018. A temporary electrician would be hired to train under current electrician Jim Walsh, who is planning to retire at the end of 2018. The position would go away in the 2019 budget.

The DPW will also be adding a new laborer position for 2018. The DPW took a laborer position and moved it to the mechanics garage. Officials said the mechanics garage is moving smoothly, but now the city is down one laborer so that position is needed.

The council slashed $25,000 out of the DPW budget that was earmarked for a potential dog park at the location of the former Littauer Pool.

The municipal pool, which has sat unused for more than a decade, is located on West Street, across from the Dubois Garden apartments.

Council members agreed that the amount set aside would not be enough to fund such a project. Some felt that if the city were to create such a park it should be in a more central location and funding should come from an outside source, such a group of citizens that want to see such a park in the city.

The meeting is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall, 3 Frontage Road.

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