DeSantis elected in Gloversville

Democrat Vincent DeSantis

GLOVERSVILLE — It was a busy election night in Fulton County.

The following are the unofficial results from the Fulton County Board of Elections:

∫ City of Gloversville: Democrat Vincent DeSantis has won the Councilman-at-Large seat over Republican challenger Wrandy Siarkowski.

DeSantis, who also ran on the independent Gloversville line, got 1,994 votes to Siarkowski’s 1, 240, who also ran on the independent Moving Forward line. Current Councilman-At-Large James Robinson decided not to run again this year.

Speaking with a Leader-Herald reporter on Tuesday, DeSantis said he feels elections are what democracy is all about.

“People decide these things and those of us elected in public office have a responsibility to make things move forward in a positive way,” he said.

DeSantis said he knows he going to do his best for Gloversville.

“What we have done in the last couple of years is get people thinking about the future of Gloversville and we have a lot of people who believe in that future now, which is a really big change from what it used to be. I’m going to do my best to make sure the lack of contention in City Hall that we have seen in the last couple of years, continues and that we move the government in the most efficient way possible. And we continue to gain the confidence in the business community and gain the attention of people in the capital region. I look forward to the next couple of years and I promise to do my best.” he said.

In a tight race, Democrat Elizabeth Batchelor was named the winner of the 3rd Ward Council race against challenger and Republican Jamin Clemente. Batchelor, who also ran on the Gloversville Party line, got 366 votes to Clemente’s 283 votes.

Batchelor told a Leader-Herald reporter Tuesday she has learned a great deal in the past several weeks working with current members of city government.

“I know that there are a lot of people on the council and a lot of people in the government of Gloversville that will teach me what I need to know. Those of you who know me, know I will work my butt off to help keep Gloversville in the public arena as a wonderful place to be and a place with a future and a place that people choose to live, so that one day it doesn’t matter that you weren’t born here, that you can be here because you want to be here and you’re proud to be here. That’s what I’d like to work for,” she said.

The city also had a number of unopposed positions up for election this year.

In the First Ward, incumbent Democratic Supervisor Marie Born, also on the American Spirit line, was unopposed. Also unopposed was incumbent Democratic Councilwoman Marcia Weiss, also on the Gloversville line.

In the Second Ward, incumbent Democratic/America First candidate Frank Lauria Jr. was unopposed.

Incumbent Republican Supervisor John Blackmon faced no opposition.

In the Fourth Ward, incumbent Republican Supervisor Charles Potter was unopposed.

Unopposed candidates in the Fifth Ward include incumbent Supervisor Gregory Young. He is on the Democratic, Working Families and Women’s Equality lines. Also unopposed for re-election was Republican Councilman Jay Zarrelli.

Sixth Ward Republican Supervisor Warren Greene was unopposed.

Water Board candidates are: James Isabella, Robert Shell and James Robinson all ran unopposed.


Republicans Linda Kollar and Terry Blodgett are unopposed for county clerk and county treasurer, respectively. Blodgett is an the incumbent, while Kollar is a newcomer to politics.

City of Johnstown

Incumbent Republican Mayor Vern Jackson was elected to a full, four-year term, as he faced no opposition. Voters selected Jackson to serve a shortened term last year following the death of then Mayor Michael Julius.

Also unopposed citywide were: Republican City Treasurer Michael Gifford, Republican Water Board member John Swierzowski and Republican Councilman-at-Large Craig Talarico.

In the First Ward, incumbent Republican Supervisor Richard Handy was unopposed.

In the Second Ward, incumbent Republican Supervisor Mike Kinowski and incumbent Republican Councilwoman Kathi Iannotti were unopposed.

Republican Supervisor John Callery faced no challenge in the Third Ward.

Also unopposed in the Fourth Ward were two GOP incumbents — Supervisor William Waldron and Councilman Timothy Cellary.

Town of Bleecker

Unopposed were these incumbent Republican candidates: David Howard for supervisor, Toni Johnson for town clerk/tax collector, James Olson for town justice, David Bartholomew and Darren Smith for councilmen, and Paul Brink for superintendent of highways.

Town of Broadalbin

Unofficial results show Republican Sheila Perry has won over independent Sensible Party candidate Bruce Van Genderen. Perry got 677 votes to Van Genderen’s 510 votes.

Republican Joseph McDonald and Miriam Young won the two city assessor races over challengers Conservative/Better Service candidate Margaret Boltash. The other for a vacant assessor seat is between Republican Miriam Young and Conservative/Better Service candidate Joy Canfield.

Incumbent Town Clerk Cheryl Briggs was unopposed on the Lucky Clerk line.

Unopposed in their races were Republican candidates: incumbent William Jennings for town justice, David Bogardus and Douglas Kissinger for councilmen seats, and incumbent Linda Eastman for tax collector.

Town of Caroga

Former Republican Supervisor James Selmser was unopposed for the Town Supervisor position.

Incumbent Republican John Glenn, Republican/Caroga First candidate James Long won town council seats. Glenn got 225 votes, Long received 261 votes and challenger Conservative Kathleen Ellerby got 163 votes.

Independent Caroga United candidate Kent Kirch has won the vacant councilman seat against challenger Republican/Sensible Growth candidate Tor Shekerjian.

Unopposed in their races were incumbent Town Clerk Linda Gilbert and Superintendent of Highways Steve Putman, who both ran as Republicans.

Town of Ephratah

Facing no opposition are incumbent Republican councilmen Thomas Miles and George Cosselman; and John Keppler Jr., a Justice Party candidate, for town justice.

Town of Johnstown

Unopposed for two councilmen seats are Republicans Donald VanDeusen III and Walter Lane.

Write-in candidates were unavailable this morning, but officials with the Fulton County Board of Elections said there were some for the Town Council seats.

Town of Mayfield

Democrat Roberta “Bobbi” Ricciardi andRepublican Vincent Coletti won seats on the town council.

Riccardi got 466 votes, Coletti got 623 votes and challenger Steven Van Allen got 389 votes.

Republican Nancy Parker is unopposed for town clerk.

A proposition relating to raffles has passed by a vote of 829 to 263.

Town of Northampton

Unofficial results showed Republican/New Direction independent Ken Cramer won the race for Highway Superintendent against Northampton Party candidate Douglas Ellsworth.

Republican/Legal Justice candidate Robin Wilson is the unofficial winner of the Town Tax Collector position over challengers Northampton Party candidate Beth Wanke and Wise Choice candidate Linda Kemper, a former supervisor.

Running unopposed are these Republican incumbents: James Groff for supervisor, Elaine Mihalik for town clerk, John Farquhar for town justice, and Darryl Roosa and Art Simmons Jr. for two councilmen positions.

Town of Oppenheim

Incumbent Republican/Public Safety candidate Scott DeNinno is shown as the winner of the race for Highway Superintendent over challengers Democrat Dean Bub Stowell and independent John Deere Party candidate Richard Crum.

Running unopposed were these Republicans: incumbent Cynthia Breh for supervisor, Joanne Capek Young for town justice, Kathleen Montana and Dennis Yost for councilmen positions, and incumbent Linda Peets for tax collector. Montana’s name will also be on the independent Montana Party line.

Town of Perth

Republican/Conservative Town Justice Wayne McNeil faces no challenge for re-election.

Also facing no opposition are these Democratic candidates: incumbent Walter Kowalczyk and incumbent Timothy Korona for two councilmen positions; and incumbent David Dopp for superintendent of highways. Dopp is also an Alternative Party candidate.

Town of Stratford

Democratic Town Supervisor Allicia Rice faces no re-election challenge.

Democrat Heather VanDenburgh is shown as the winner of the Clerk/ Collector race over challenger Lawrence Neely, who was running on the Bull Moose Party line.

Republican incumbent Councilmen Allan Perkins Sr. and Joan Ploss faced no opposition. Incumbent Democratic Superintendent of Highways Charles Goodwin Sr. also was unopposed.


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