GHA finally back to full board

GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Housing Authority is now back to having a full board of commissioners following an election earlier this month.

Christine Nicosia was elected as one of two tenant commissioners. Nicosia, a resident of Forest Hill Towers, was elected to fill an unexpired term on the board.

Nicosia’s appointment now means that the board is back at full membership. The seat she was elected to was left vacant in July when previous resident commissioner Bernard Manzer announced he was resigning the board effective during a meeting.

The seat has remained empty since. The seat is an elected position for a resident of one of the two tower buildings. The other resident commissioner is for Dubois Gardens. The board is restricted to having only two resident commissioners by the federal Housing and Urban Development office, which funds the GHA.

∫ The GHA is also working with Dauwer Associates to help find candidates for the open executive director position.

“We expect to have some resume’s forwarded to us so we can begin reviewing them, probably by early next week,” he said.

Towne said from there the personnel committee will review the resumes, set up interviews and select a candidate.

The GHA had been hoping to have a new director in place by the start of 2018. Towne said this still the goal, but the holidays may make it a tight schedule.

“Realistically if it spills over to January, it would not be a surprise,” Towne said.

Towne began serving as interim Executive Director in July after former GHA Executive Director Timothy Mattice was placed on paid administrative leave. It was announced in September that Mattice had agreed to leave the agency.

∫ Towne said the board also held a presentation from Broadway Health Care during its Nov. 21 meeting.

Towne said Rachael Lobdell, an outreach specialist from the agency, came to the meeting to give a presentation on services that will be made available hopefully by the first of the year.

“This presentation was for the benefit of the new board members who had not seen her presentation when she was here in the spring,” Towne said.

The GHA will be providing Broadway Health Care space at Forest Hill Towers to work out of. Towne said the agency provides services such as personal care, housekeeping, laundry, and errand running for residents.

“I think it is going to be a good service for many of our residents there,” he said.

∫The board has also contracted with eclipse for additional security cameras at all three GHA locations.

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By Patricia Older

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