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Brenda Abruzzi of Brenda and Dean Abruzzi Antiques of Lasselsville displays one of more than a score of glass milk bottle she sold at the 20th annual Antique, Collectibles and Vintage Show held Saturday at Mayfield Elementary School as a fundraiser for the Mayfield Historical Society. (The Leader-Herald/Eric Retzlaff)

MAYFIELD — Brenda and Dean Abruzzi of Lasselsville loved to collect antiques until they had a conversion experience.

They became overwhelmed.

“We were collectors at first” until they moved from Pennsylvania to New York, said Dean. “We had too much stuff. We had to downsize.”

While they still collect, they decided they needed to start selling.

They were among the sellers at the 20th annual Antique, Collectibles and Vintage Show Saturday at the Mayfield Elementary School, a fundraiser for the Mayfield Historical Society.

Brenda said glass milk bottles—the kind milkmen used to pick up as empties at homes and then leave full ones—were big sellers Saturday.

“One guy bought half of them, about 20,” she said.

Some people “buy them for their family name” on the bottle, she added.

Tom Selden of Middle Grove likes to collect oil lamps, some so small they could be used like flashlights— “thumb lamps,” he called them. “My mom and dad had these, and I just grew up with them,” he said.

Mary Lane of Johnstown likes to collect cut glass, jewelry and turn-of-the-century cards. It started when she “found an album [of postcards] my grandmother saved,” she said.

Patty Arnold of Pack Rats Den Antiques and Collectibles of Hagaman sells floral ceramics, books and DVDs. She said she sold a bunch of books and DVDs to a woman whose son is housebound.

Browsing through antique jewelry is an interest for Deb Zepperi of Fort Hunter.

“I take things apart and put them back together in a different way,” she said. Zepperi said she also likes to refurbish old furniture.

For C.P. Giardino of Amsterdam, going to antique shows is both a way of collecting interesting items and also socializing.

“We always have a good time,” she said, adding that they see many of the same vendors.

In looking at the wares for sale, “we see what kind of hits us,” she said.

“They’re [the vendors] willing to dicker with price. They’re a nice group.”

By Patricia Older

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