Johnstown Historical Society conducting fundraiser

JOHNSTOWN — The Johnstown Historical Society announces the kickoff of a major fundraising campaign, “Saving Johnstown’s History One Brick at a Time.” The society is partnering with a Wisconsin-based company, That’s My Brick, to create a brick walkway adjacent to the historical Drumm House. The Drumm House, located on Green Street, was built in 1763 by Sir William Johnson, according to a news release.

That’s My Brick creates custom, laser-engraved bricks using a patented marking process that produces a layer of black fused glass on the brick’s surface. The history society invites individuals, businesses and organizations to sponsor a brick which will become a permanent part of one of the oldest landmarks in Johnstown. With an engraved inscription, the donor can choose to honor or remember a friend or family member, commemorate an event, or identify themselves or their organization as a supporter of the historical society. The investment in a brick will help the society continue its mission to preserve Johnstown’s precious and unique heritage and support the upkeep of the three major historical sites in the city. Bricks come in two different sizes, four inches by four inches and eight inches by eight inches. The price points are $125 and $150 respectively and a selection of graphics is also available at an additional charge. Such gifts are tax deductible, the news release stated.

The construction of the walkway will commence as the weather turns warmer. The proposed design of the walkway will feature a cannon at the center, and the bricks will be installed along its path. The cannon has a distinctive history of its own. It is one of two cannons that were in the possession of Sir John Johnson (son of Sir William Johnson) in 1776. Sir John abandoned both near what is now Tupper Lake, Franklin County, when he fled to Canada. They lay there deteriorating until 1937 when they were recovered and given to the historical society, the news release stated.

For more information or to order, contact either the historical society at (518) 762-7076 or Helen Martin at (518) 762-7638; e-mail [email protected] The orders can also be placed online at, the news release stated.

By Kerry Minor

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