Students present petition to Tonko to help stop gun violence in U.S.

AMSTERDAM — Amsterdam High School students let their voices be heard Friday as they collected signatures from more than 300 fellow students, asking lawmakers to help stop gun violence in schools.

Congressman Paul Tonko visited the high school to pick up those petitions and speak with students about passing legislations that would put common sense gun regulations in place.

“We, the students of Amsterdam High School, are standing together against the proliferation of violence and are determined to make our schools safe,” the student-written petition reads. “Gun violence threatens the lives of America’s student population and puts us at risk each and everyday. We will not let the fact that we are younger — and therefore often ignored and discounted — deter us from the need for change in both our laws and our attitudes.”

Students have also been collecting money to donate to local youth organization Wishful Thinking.

“The support of staff and students mean more to us than anything,” said 11th-grader Neressa Green in a news release.

“We hope that Congressman Tonko brings our petitions to Washington, other lawmakers will hear the voices of Amsterdam High School,” said Alexis Bishop, also a junior at Amsterdam High School.

By Kerry Minor

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