Lystek opts out of project in the town of Glen

Glen residents showed up in force at a board meeting over a biosolids plant locating in the Canal View Business Park on April 9. Lystek International will no longer pursue the project. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O’Hara)

GLEN — Lystek International, LLC, is no longer interested in pursuing their proposed Organic Material Recovery Center (OMRC) in the Glen Canal View Business Park.

“As we have advised several times over the past few months, we have been conducting our due diligence in consideration of this potential project, which we are confident would result in another award-winning sustainability initiative that the majority of the community would ultimately be proud of,” the Lystek release states.

The decision to no longer pursue their proposed project in the business park comes after the discovery of a 1998 Waste Management Law which prohibits any secondary processing of solid or liquid waste in the park.

Following the discovery of the law, Town Attorney Robert J. Kruger wrote a letter in March to the planning board to reject Lystek’s application which the planning board did, and therefore went against Lystek’s wishes since their application was not 100 percent complete.

“Unfortunately, this by-law was not disclosed to us until after many months of time, effort and significant funding had been invested in the potential initiative,” the press release states.

The press release states that the Waste Management Law was specifically to prevent the development of a landfill in the Glen Canal View Business Park, although Lystek is not in the landfill business. “…we have been advised it could be legally challenged,” the release states. However, “We prefer to focus our time and effort helping progressive communities that are ready and able to take full advantage of our proven solutions for responsible resource recovery.”

“As one of the leaders in developing and implementing responsible, proven solutions for resource recovery ranging from biogas recovery for green energy to alternative sources of carbon for clean water systems, we will continue to innovate and deliver,” added Kevin Litwiller, director, marketing and communications of Lystek.

Town of Glen Supervisor John Thomas could not confirm or deny whether Lystek would be pulling out as at the time the Leader-Herald spoke with Thomas, he was unaware of Lystek no longer pursuing their proposed plant in the business park.

“There is no pending application, no paperwork and the town has not heard from Lystek in months,” Thomas said.

Lystek was originally founded over 18 years ago by a group of world-renowned scientists and engineers, all who have dedicated their professional lives to the pursuit of researching and developing advanced solutions to help address some of the toughest challenges of “waste” human beings create.

Over the years, Lystek has been repeatedly recognized with awards for excellence and leadership in environmental responsibility, sustainability and stewardship. In 2017, their facility in California received a GEELA award from the Governor of California and CalEPA which is the highest, statewide award given for Environmental and Economic Leadership and Achievement in the toughest state.

“So, to say that we believe in what we do would be an understatement. As the world charges toward a population of 8 billion people, we believe we must all work together to find ways to do positive things with ‘waste’ and that resource recovery projects rooted in sound, proven science and technology are absolutely vital,” the release states. “For example, we need innovations that allow us to take ‘waste’ and create biogas for green energy to help self-power our utilities, put natural carbon back to work to help run clean water systems (reducing nutrient overloading to lakes, rivers, etc.) and that re-vitalize our soils. These are all solutions that communities across North America are asking for — and that the Lystek solution delivers.”

“We would like to thank the many, many citizens of the county that reached out over email, voice mail and in person to express their support,” the press release states.“We wish you all the best.”

By Kerry Minor

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