Borst honored at meeting

Montgomery County Director of Weights and Measures Raymond J. Borst, center, was recognized during the Legislatures meeting Tuesday. On the left is District 3 Legislator Roy Dimond and on the right is Chairman Robert Headwell. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O’Hara)

FONDA — Montgomery County Legislature recognized the director of Weights and Measures, Raymond J. Borst during their regular meeting on Tuesday for his dedication to promoting equity and fairness in the community.

He was also given a proclamation by the county in which was presented by District 3 Legislator Roy Dimond.

“Whereas Montgomery County’s director of Weights and Measures, Raymond Borst, is responsible for equity and fairness in all consumer transactions involving weight, measures, count or price throughout the county,” Dimond read from the proclamation. “Borst is the sole employee of his department, he goes above and beyond to ensure both consumers and sellers are on an equal playing field.”

According to a news release, Borst has many responsibilities as director of Weights and Measures and some of those include promoting equity in all commercial transactions based on weight or measure throughout the county, checking and maintaining legal measuring systems, and checking gasoline pumps, scales and milk measuring systems on local farms and checking the weight of packaged commodities in businesses throughout the county.

A number of other inspections and tested commercial devices Borst is responsible for includes:

∫ Computing and pre-pack scales at supermarkets, bakeries, delis and fish/butcher shops;

∫ Livestock and pharmaceutical scales;

∫ Petroleum pumps at gas stations, convenience stores, truck stops and marinas;

∫ Heavy-duty vehicle scales at sand/gravel yards, recycling centers, salt plants and salvage yards;

∫ Fuel oil, gas, diesel and kerosene meters;

∫ Propane delivery vehicle tank meters which are tested by the state Weights and Measures;

∫ Scales used for buying gold, silver, precious metals, coins and jewelry;

∫ Farm bulk milk tanks;

∫ Devices used to measure the length of hardware goods, rope, chain and wire;

∫ Timing devices;

∫ “Courtesy inspections”, non-commercial devices for institutions such as schools;

∫ Inspections for accuracy in pricing;

∫ Inspections and testing packaged commodities;

∫ Inspecting ATM machines and gas pumps with credit card readers for credit card skimming devices.

Dimond said not only does Borst have all those responsibilities, he is also the third vice president of the Weights and Measures Association of the state, was recently recognized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation for uncovering several skimming devices in the county and is chief enforcement officer for the animal cruelty law.

“[My job] is to keep everyone on an equal playing field,” Borst said. “It’s not only to protect the consumer, but to protect the seller.”

By Josh Bovee

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