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JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Board of Supervisors recently took action on two items related to the city of Gloversville.

Supervisors authorized a memorandum of understanding, or MOU, between the county and Gloversville governing access to a surveillance camera viewing station for use by the office of District Attorney Chad Brown.

Brown requested the MOU to allow access to surveillance camera video in public places throughout the city of Gloversville on a daily basis at no additional cost to county and city taxpayers.

“This memorandum of understanding will allow the Fulton County Crime Analysis Center to improve communications and support to area police agencies,” the board resolution stated.

The Board of Supervisors in March approved a $75,000 expenditure for stationary cameras and related equipment – part of the county’s New Neighborhood Plan. That resolution purchases stationary surveillance cameras for six locations in the county at an estimated cost of $50,000. The locations aren’t being divulged by the county. Another $25,000 will be spent on miscellaneous expenses such as monitors and wires.

Fulton County’s New Neighborhood Plan was created in 2015 and it had three main goals: deter, detect and demolish. The deter part is designed to promote law enforcement techniques and technologies that discourage criminals from viewing the Fulton County region as a location for their illegal activity. The detect part refers to more collaboration between local police agencies to identify and prosecute criminals. The demolish part involves removing blighted housing through the county’s Operation Green Scene.

Also at the recent board session, supervisors authorized transfer of the titles of Gloversville properties at 12 S. Main St. and 26 S. Main St. for neighborhood rehabilitation. Fulton County has taken custody of those parcels due to non-payment of taxes.

The resolution indicated that in a June 6 letter, Gloversville Mayor Dayton King stated that his city requested the county donate the properties to the city for “neighborhood rehabilitation purposes.”

Through the deal, the county is waiving delinquent property taxes in the amounts of: $5,874 for 12 S. Main St., and $4,843 for 26 S. Main St. The city of Gloversville will pay all the conveyance fees.

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By Josh Bovee

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