Woman injured by truck at Fonda Fair

FONDA — A woman was sent to Albany Medical Center following an incident at the Fonda Fairground Sunday according to State Police.

Troopers said that on Sunday evening, following the truck pulls, Kerry Sanders was taken by helicopter for injuries to her legs after being pinned between two vehicles.

New York State Police Sgt. Maris Soldner said Sanders was alongside a vehicle that was westbound, adjusting its parking. As Sanders moved past the vehicle as it was parking and was pinned between the trailer of the truck and another vehicle.

Soldner said Sanders’s legs were being treated on. There were no fractures, but she had a large laceration on her legs. She said she had no further information and Sanders’s condition in the hospital is unknown.

Any other information on the condition of her injury could not be given due to HIPAA Laws.

By Kerry Minor

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