Ensuring a toy for every child

Commissioner of the Department of the department of Social Services of of Fulton County Anne Solar, left, president of the Fulton County Highway Association Mel Dopp, Tj Bradt and Jim Berry, right are shown at the Highway Accociation’s Toys for Tots event on Wednesday. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O’Hara)

GLOVERSVILLE — In the spirit of Christmas giving, the Fulton County Highway Association held its fourth annual Toys for Tots event with members, local representatives, highway workers and other local vendors all donating toys to be given to local children.

Mel Dopp, president of the Highway Association, said all the toys donated were going to the Fulton County Department of Social Services to distribute to the toys locally. He said the association decided to start this event fours years ago to do more for the community.

“We’re happy to have the opportunity to have the means to do this for them every year,” Dopp said.

There to collect to toys for DSS was Commissioner Anne Solar.

“I can’t imagine being one of the children who wake up in the morning, especially with the tales of Santa who brings you your favorite thing, and everyone else gets their favorite thing and you got a couple things from the dollar store,” Solar said. “To wake up instead and find something like this is an incredible tale.”

Solar thanked the highway association for their help. She said this will make both the parents and the children happy on Christmas.

“I really do appreciate everything you do,” Solar said. “You really do an important job.”

Also at the event, Assemblyman Marc Butler was honored for helping the highway association and being a friend to the highway departments for many years.

Butler, who worked in a highway department in Herkimer County, said he understands the hard work that the highway workers do every day.

“I want to thank all of you guys. I’ve been to your Christmas parties and we really had a great relationship over the years,” Butler said.

Other ways the association helps the community is by giving out a scholarship to graduating high school students. Dopp said they give out two $500 scholarships each year. The association also hold training courses for highway superintendents throughout the year.

“We also have a lot of training courses for the highway superintendents that we do throughout the year to improve their knowledge and help them with their jobs and the safety of the community,” Dopp said.

By Kerry Minor

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