Gloversville looks at sharing demolition services

GLOVERSVILLE — The Common Council on Thursday discussed the possibility of sharing demolition services with Johnstown and Fulton County.

Mayor Dayton King said the city is looking to share any kind of demolition services, such as equipment and manpower.

“We got to have money to do that,” said Fire Chief Thomas Groff. “It’s been on the back burner because demolition has been on the back burner. [Department of Public Works Director] Dale [Trumbull] and I have been discussing it — as far as the demo team and now the county demo team.”

Second-Ward Councilman Arthur Simonds wanted to know more of what Johnstown has to offer, where they stand as to sharing services and the cost of contracting with Johnstown.

“What would their personnel comprise of. Are they just doing asbestos type stuff or are they actually tearing down stuff or all the above,” Simonds said. “They have a team. I would assume they wouldn’t come out to Gloversville for nothing. How much would it cost us and how much time can they give us, or we could go ahead and start scheduling some of the houses we have to tear down.”

He said those are some things the city may want to ask Johnstown and the county.

“We’re going to help them and they’re going to help us,” said Trumbull.

Simonds said he wants to know more information, so they can start tearing down some of their more critical buildings.

Trumbull said Johnstown does have adequate equipment for demolition such as a trailer for decontamination, but that equipment is set up for the county right now.

Simonds suggested possibly renting the equipment from Fulton County.

Councilman-at-large Vincent DeSantis said he has a meeting with town of Johnstown Supervisor Jack Wilson, who will be chairman of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors starting on Jan. 1, who told DeSantis demolition is at the top of his agenda.

“So, I’m kind of hopeful that we will see some action in Gloversville from the county,” DeSantis said.

King said hopefully in January, they can sit with the county and make up a plan, and start demolition as soon as possible.

“We’re looking at anything that’s been foreclosed on, anything that needs to be torn down,” King said.

By Kerry Minor

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