Beech-Nut joined forces to help during government shutdown

AMSTERDAM — Although, the government is reopen for now, many people both locally and nationally were affected by the shutdown.

To help those individuals through the shutdown, Beech-Nut has been providing food and grocery gift cards to families who weren’t receiving their benefits within the past two to three weeks.

“It makes their day more special,” said Patrick Haughton, director of marketing.

Haughton said Beech-Nut had been in connection with 200 individuals nationally who were in need due to the shut down, and of that 200 there were 15 cases in which they were able get in contact with to provide the food and grocery gift cards.

“We’ll keep our ears open for parents who are in need.” Haughton said. “We’re doing what we can.”

The baby food company also provides meals to the Regional Food Bank.

“Locally our office supports the Regional Food Bank,” Haughton said.

He said in 2018 Beech-Nut donated over $2,060 worth in meals such as their baby food jars, pouches and cereal, and are continuing those efforts through 2019.

The baby food company also uses social media to help parents who are in need find local resources.

“We’re using social media channels to help inform parents who are in need to find local resources,” Haughton said.

He said one great resource is the Trinity Alliance.

Haughton said Beech-Nut also uses social media platforms to keep an eye out for any parents who were not receiving their benefits.

Beech-Nut is also in partnership with No Kid Hungry to help fight childhood hunger and end food insecurity in America, and within the local community. Approximately 13 million children in the United states live in food insecure households which is about one in six children in the U.S. who experience hunger.

All these initiatives to provide families who are in need coincide with Beech-Nut’s mission to “ensure babies have access to real food,” Haughton said.

By Patricia Older

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