Recycling profits on decline

JOHNSTOWN — The recycling market hasn’t been good on Fulton County, with revenue declining by over $143,000 last year.

County Solid Waste Director David Rhodes presented his Department of Solid Waste 2018 annual report to the Board of Supervisors’ Economic Development Committee on Wednesday.

The committee approved the report for submittal to the full board.

Rhodes said recycling revenue for Fulton County was down $143,452 for 2018 from 2017 due to “depressed markets” for recycled products.

The report found that almost 208 tons of electronics were recycled in 2018, down 22 tons from 2017.

Also in the annual report, it was noted that the county landfill in 2018 received 138,484 tons of municipal, commercial and industrial refuse – and 10,923 tons of contaminated soils/alternate daily cover – for a total of 149,407 tons. Disposal-related revenue was about $6.62 million.

“Montgomery County waste brought in 21,018 tons and just over $797,625 in revenue which reflected a half year, after which the contract was discontinued,” Rhodes said.

Other 2018 highlights in the solid waste annual report included:

∫ The large load category of 25 tons or larger was reinstated in 2018, with 23,360 tons received.

∫ Out-of-county sludges in 2018 totalled 6,052 tons and brought in $383,399 in revenue. Out-of-county waste from permitted haulers totalled 6,549 tons for $387,932 in revenue — up 1,507 tons from 2017. All out-of-county contracts brought in $2.7 million for 2018.

∫ Sale of electricity from the county’s landfill gas-to-electric plant brought in $141,906. The total to date is over $2 million from electric sales.

∫ A total of 20.6 million gallons of leachate was pumped in 2018 — up 3.3 million from 2017.

∫ Three government surplus purchases for the Department of Solid Waste were made for a total of $28,500. They were: 2009 Chevy Avalanche for $13,000; 2012 Dodge Ram crew cab for $9,800; and 2008 Ford F-250 4X$ for $5,700.

∫ A total of 179,175 residential loads came in to all transfer stations in 2018 – up by 8,372 loads from the previous year.

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By Patricia Older

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