Caroga race complicated by petitions

CAROGA — Voters who take to the polls in Caroga on Tuesday will see current councilman Kent Kirch’s name on the ballot, however he has withdrawn from the race for one of the two councilman seats.

Kirch made the announcement at meet the candidates night on Thursday that he has decided to withdraw from running for a second term as town councilman for personal reasons.

“I’m going to continue to be involved with the town, but I just can’t commit to the town position right now for another full term,” Kirch told the Leader-Herald this morning.

He said he will finish out his current term, but will not seek re-election.

“I encourage people to vote for Richard Sturgess and Jeremy Manning, they will be effective on the board,” Kirch said.

Manning, who will be on the ballot for one of the two open town councilman positions in the primary election on Tuesday on the Republican party line is being challenged by Donald Travis and Sturgess.

BOE worker Cinda Spraker said if Manning wins one of the two councilman seats, he will be on the ballot in November for general elections.

However, if he does not win one of the two councilman seats in the primary, and since his petition as an independent was ruled invalid by the Fulton County Board of Elections, he will not be on the ballot.

Spraker said Manning submitted 39 signatures for his independent petition with only 28 signatures needed. Travis challenged those petitions in which 26 of his 39 signatures were ruled valid. Therefore he lacks two signatures, so his petition was ruled invalid.

Also in the primary elections on Tuesday will be James Selmser and Scott Horton for town supervisor.

Primary Day polls will be open from noon to 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

By Patricia Older

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