County holds ‘Jeans Day’ to raise funds for Cribs for Kids initiative

FONDA — Earlier this month, Montgomery County employees showed their support for St. Mary’s Healthcare’s Cribs for Kids initiative by raising funds through a “Jeans Day.”

The county raised $370 for the Cribs for Kids initiative by having a day in which employees paid to wear jeans.

According to a news release, Montgomery County often holds a “Jeans Day” on Fridays to raise money for worthy causes. Montgomery County Public and Mental Health Director Sara Boerenko suggested raising funds for Cribs for Kids.

She said approximately 90 percent of the individuals the Montgomery County department works with are children pre-birth to five-years-old. Boerenko said it’s extremely important for infants to have a safe place to sleep when the are born which is why she suggested assisting St. Mary’s with their Cribs for Kids initiative.

Julia Shafer, director of Women’s Services, said the hospital wanted to work on a safe sleep quality improvement project which led her to partner with Cribs for Kids.

Cribs for Kids is a national program which began to provide safe-sleep education and safe portable cribs to families who could not otherwise afford them. The program also educates about the dangers of unsafe sleep environments to try and prevent Sudden Unexplained Infant Death. Shafer, along with program chair Lydia Barnett and several others in the Labor and Delivery Unit have been working on the project, according to the press release.

“We want every baby to make it to the first year,” Shafer said.

According to the press release, St. Mary’s made a goal of raising funds to purchase safe cribs for families. A total of $2,500 was raised. Cribs for Kids matched these funds. St. Mary’s was able to purchase approximately 100 Cribettes. The Cribette, which was introduced by Cribs for Kids, is a transportable, safe sleep environment for infants. According to their website, the Cribette has all the safety features of a Pack ‘n Play and includes the infant safe sleep message imprinted on the fabric — A B C — Alone on my Back in a Crib, which is a reminder of how an infant should sleep. The Cribette is used as not only a safe sleeping environment, but an educational tool, the website states.

Shafer said their goal was to have enough cribs for at least 250 families with limited financial resources. The “Jeans Day” donation will assist in purchasing the Cribettes, which cost approximately $59 each.

“I’m so overjoyed that county employees always come together to support the families in need in our community,” Boerenko said.

By Josh Bovee

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