‘Together’ Mayfield Class of 2019 students venture into their futures, lives

Shown is the Mayfield Central School District graduating class of 2019. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O’Hara)

MAYFIELD — Mayfield Central School District held its commencement ceremony on Saturday symbolizing the end of high school and the start of a new adventure for the graduates.

Mayfield’s graduating Class of 2019 may each have different paths to follow, but are all leaving the district as the entered: Together.

“The future is uncertain, but remember, we’re all in this together,” said Valedictorian Maggy Lambo, who’s followed the theme of “High School Musical 3” in her speech.

Lambo thanked all her peers, parents, community members and teachers for helping her and her classmates get through all the challenges that high school brought. She congratulated her classmates on all of their successes over the years and for doing it together.

“As a class, we have accomplished so much outside of the classroom as well, like onstage during drama productions, in art class, while volunteering, at band and choir concerts, and at sports games and meets,” Lambo said. “So much time, hard work, and dedication has gone into getting a high school education, and today, it will finally pay off.”

Although the Class of 2019 had many successes and achievements, “High school wasn’t meant to last forever,” Lambo said.

Lambo said as her and her classmates leave the school one last time, they will be going their separate ways whether it be college, enlisting in the military, finding a job, or moving to another state.

“This ceremony marks the end of our time at Mayfield High School, but it’s also the start of something new,” Lambo said.

Salutatorian Taryn LaFontaine said when entering seventh grade in 2013, she remembered a sign that read “Welcome Class of 2019” and remembered thinking how far away graduation would be.

“As the years went on everyone always said to enjoy this time while it lasts and to not rush it, but of course there was always that little part of me that simply could not wait to get to this year — senior year,” LaFontaine said. “And then they said that this year goes by in the blink of an eye, and man, they were not kidding.”

LaFontaine also looked back on all of the graduates’ s accomplishments and successes, and what made the class so “special.”

She said Diana Morse and Cassie Cerasia volunteered countless hours; Joe Ward and Chloe Jarret had “infectious” laughs and smiles and could put anyone in a better mood; and Taylor Proctor and Walker Goodemote can sing and perform beautifully.

“Today is the day is the day that we will no longer be Mayfield High School students,” LaFontaine said. “It is our time now to go after our dreams.”

By Patricia Older

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