Buyer backs out of garage purchase

GLEN — The town’s former highway garage will remain on the market after the real estate company looking to purchase the building backed out.

During the regular town board meeting on Monday, Supervisor John Thomas said Sager Real Estate LLC, of Amenia, N.Y., in Dutchess County, has backed out of purchasing the town’s former highway garage.

“They didn’t give any reason,” Thomas said. “They had planned to do phase one environmental, they planned to do water tests and to the best of my knowledge they never did any of their tests, they just decided last week that they were going to cancel.”

Thomas said the real estate company was looking to utilized the building immediately did put down a $1,000 deposit which the town will refund back to them.

In March, the town listed the highway garage at $175,000 with Coldwell Banker after the town purchased a new highway garage referred to as the Delaney building for $600,000. Since the sale of the former highway garage did not go through, it will continue to be listed at $175,000.

The town’s decision to sell the former highway garage and purchase the Delaney building — formally owned by Tim Delaney, of Mayfield — is due to the former highway garage being too small to store equipment and trucks used by the highway department.

Town board members in the past have described the former highway garage as being “at the end of its life.”

In January, Kirk Field said there is a margin of error of fitting the town’s largest truck in the garage door by one inch on both sides.

Also prior to purchasing the Delaney building, the town had original plans to build a new highway garage on a five-acre parcel of a land owned by the town on Auriesville Road. However, the Delaney building which is located at 3950 Route 30A, is 15,000-square-feet, which is bigger than what the town had planned to build.

The Delaney building also has some offices that could be used as possible office space for the town if they were to decide to move the town offices to that building.

By Josh Bovee

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