Little interest shown

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County has seen little interest by property owners to tap into into its new Meco sewer district since it was established in May, a county official said.

“I believe there’s been some interest,” county Planning Director Scott Henze said today.

But he said the county is still waiting to hear from another municipality, the city of Gloversville, whether there is any concrete evidence that property owners wish to tap into the sewer district just outside the city. He said so far there hasn’t been.

“The first step [for property owners] is to contact the Gloversville Water Department,” Henze said.

He said he’s not sure why there hasn’t been any interest to move yet.

Town of Johnstown Supervisor Jack Wilson, chairman of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors, said today most likely interest in the Meco area sewer district will increase as its availability becomes apparent.

“I think as time goes on, you will see interest as people have to get their sewer systems repaired,” Wilson said.

Right now, he said the main interest has been shown by local business Chris Rizzo Trucking Inc., which has been looking for a sewer district in the Meco area for several years.

Gloversville Water Superintendent Christopher Satterlee said there’s been a couple businesses interested — Chris Rizzo and Meco’s Perfect Scoop. He said potential people wanting to access the new sewer district will have to install a water meter, which is how they will be charged. But he said that “once word gets out” there will probably be more residential interest in the new district.

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors on May 13 established new County Sewer District No. 3 in the Meco area of the town of Johnstown.

The board on April 8 had put the approval on hold after Gloversville-Johnstown Joint Sewer Board Chairman Wrandy Siarkowski raised concerns and questions during a county public hearing. The board at that meeting later tabled its proposed resolution to create the district. But in old business on May 13 at the County Office Building, the board brought the tabled resolution up for another vote.

Officials said all the sewer board’s questions were answered, and the Board of Supervisors voted 19-0 to establish the new Meco sewer district.

A total of 93 parcels totalling about 500 acres of land are included in the new Sewer District No. 3 in the Meco area of the town of Johnstown. Sewer District No. 3 can serve properties extending from the city of Gloversville and adjacent to and west along Route 29A, north along County Highway 122 to West State Street Extension and encompassing the Fulton Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare on Phelps Street.

A map plan and report for the new district was completed last October by Johnstown-based C.T. Male Associates

At the time the district was established, officials stated that the city of Gloversville and the sewer plant have “sufficient capacity and ability” to supply sewer service in the Meco area, as part of the county’s SMART Waters Intermunicipal Agreement.

“The Fulton County Board of Supervisors has determined that it is in the interest of the residents of Fulton County to establish public sewer service in the vicinity of Meco in the town of Johnstown,” the resolution stated.

A negative declaration through SEQR — meaning no significant environmental impact — was issued for the new sewer district. The establishment of zones of assessment was not recommended.

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By Patricia Older

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