Public hearing slated to designate alternate city employee for panel

GLOVERSVILLE — The Common Council on Tuesday scheduled a public hearing for the Aug. 13 meeting on a proposed amendment to city code seeking to designate an alternate city employee to serve on the new administrative appeals panel ahead of the body’s first meeting.

The city in April approved a series of ordinances establishing a system of fines to be issued to property owners for violating existing regulations in the city code.

Under the new system, building owners in violation of provisions related to garbage, recycling and snow and ice removal are issued an administrative fine of $30 delivered via first class mail to the address on file with the city for tax collection purposes.

Building owners have 65 days from receipt of the notice to pay the administrative fine or the fine increases to $90. If the fine is not paid within 90 days, the administrative fine is attached to the first subsequent annual city tax invoice for the property.

The city also established an administrative appeals panel composed of the city’s deputy clerk, deputy finance commissioner and assessor to hear appeals filed by property owners seeking to contest a fine.

Property owners seeking to appeal an administrative fine must file a written appeal in the City Clerk’s Office within 65 days of issuance of the fine. At least 14 days after the date of filing, a hearing before the appeals panel will be scheduled for the panel’s first subsequent session held on the third Wednesday of each month at 6 p.m. at City Hall.

The appeals panel is scheduled to meet for the first time on Aug. 21, but Mayor Vincent DeSantis reported to the Common Council during Tuesday’s meeting that new Deputy City Clerk Terra Meher who was appointed in June is unable to serve on the appeals panel.

Prior to instituting the panel, the council approached City Assessor Joni Dennie, Deputy Commissioner of Finance Maryann Reppenhagen and then Deputy City Clerk Kristy Kemmet to ensure their willingness to serve.

With Meher unable to serve, the city must empower another city employee to fill the post. DeSantis informed the council that Rachel Frasier, the mayor’s assistant, agreed to fill the vacancy on the panel, requiring modification of city code designating the mayor’s assistant as a member of the appeals panel through passage of an ordinance following a public hearing.

“We can set that public hearing down for the next meeting which is the work session in August and then the appeals panel will then be up and running for the first session,” DeSantis said.

The Common Council approved a motion scheduling a public hearing for the next meeting on Aug. 13 at 6 p.m. on a proposed ordinance seeking to modify city code to alter the composition of the administrative appeals panel in time for the body’s first meeting on Aug. 21.

By Josh Bovee

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