Airport tree issues fixed

JOHNSTOWN — The Federal Aviation Administration is satisfied with the tree obstruction situation around the Fulton County Airport.

County Planning Director Scott Henze reported to the Board of Supervisors’ Public Works Committee recently that the FAA did a July 10 “flyover” in the area of the Route 67 airport to determine if there were any more of what the federal government felt were tree obstructions for pilots using the airport.

Henze said the FAA gave the green light, with “no issues” of obstructions.

Fulton County has been doing a $924,000 runway/taxiway lighting and perimeter fence construction project at the airport.

The county has some trees removed in 2018, complying with the FAA edict. But the FAA came back later with more trees to cut, this time on nearby private properties. Eventually work on the project commenced April 22 and now that it is nearing completion, the FAA did its flyover inspection and Henze told the committee “everything was satisfactory.” He said the project — including tree removal, segmented circle, and instrumentation installation — is 99 percent complete.

“We’re just waiting on the pivot gate,” Henze said.

Also in his monthly activities report:

∫ Henze told the committee a new airport sign project is moving along. He said a contract with AJ Sign is finalized and layout and preliminary design of the sign has begun. The estimated cost of the project is $30,000, but an Aviational Capital Grant will pay for 90 percent of the project.

∫ The IDA, which shares the planning office, authorized buying a $1,500 color printer.

“They agreed to purchase a new laserjet printer for the planning department,” Henze said.

∫ Henze reported an electronic marketing campaign for the county is doing well. He said the county continues to receive positive comments on social media advertisements through Facebook and Spectrum. He reported a phone call was received from a developer looking to open a small retail store in Vail Mills.

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By Josh Bovee

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