Construction delayed on Route 30/30A roundabouts

MAYFIELD — Construction for the Route 30 and 30A Intersection Safety Improvement project that was expected to begin Aug. 1 has been delayed.

Mayor Jamie Ward said the project to construct a single-lane roundabout is now expected to start on Aug. 19.

Ward said the delayed project is nothing major, just “average delays.”

However, starting this week, contractors will be constructing the drive by lanes on Route 30 for Mayfield to Gloversville traffic. The drive by lanes are to create a path for the traffic when the roads do close on Aug. 19.

Ward said for increased safety measures, a temporary traffic light will be installed at the Route 30 and 349 intersection. He said power first has to be connected by National Grid.

“The light must blink for seven days before it becomes active,” Ward said.

The Route 30 south intersection toward Amsterdam will be closed.

An official detour for traffic heading north on Route 30 will be established from Route 349 to 30A then a right to head back towards Mayfield.

The Paul Nigra Center will be accessible at the dead end of Route 30A, Ward said.

The Route 30/30A intersection will be getting a single-lane rural roundabout at the estimated cost of $1.4 million to improve safety at that intersection.

The existing flashing traffic signal will be removed and a 130-foot diameter single-lane roundabout will be constructed.

The goal of the roundabout is to address safety issues using cost effective accident reduction measures.

Constructing a roundabout would prevent vehicles from making the sharp turn at fast speeds.

The Route 30 and Route 30A intersection is known to see of heavy traffic. On average, there are 11,600 vehicles per day.

The number of accidents at that intersection is over double the expected accident rate which is 2.8 accidents per million vehicle mile and countywide 6.21 accidents per million vehicle mile.

New York State Department of Transportation did a 60-month study on the intersection and in that time there were eight personal injuries, six property damages and three miscellaneous accidents.

The project is expected to be complete this fall.

“I ask for everyone to be patient during this,” Ward said. “The safety of the residents in the community is of utmost importance.”

By Patricia Older

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