County pays out $4K for attorneys

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Community Services Department on Tuesday requested payment of $4,000 to outside attorneys to cover five outpatient treatment cases due to conflicts of interest.

Department Director Ernest Gagnon requested the action through the Board of Supervisors’ Human Services Committee at the County Office Building.

“I’ll be asking for two contracts for attorneys,” Gagnon said.

The first proposed resolution — to be voted on Aug. 12 by the full board — was to enter into an $800 contract with attorney William Lorman to execute an assisted outpatient treatment order for one person due to a conflict of interest for the county attorney. Gagnon said the cost is “state covered.”

Gagnon told the committee an assisted outpatient treatment order involves mental health treatment mandated by the courts for certain persons who meet criteria. He said this is done for persons who have repeated psychiatric hospitalization and have a history of not complying and following through on treatment.

In this case, Gagnon said the county attorney reported a conflict. He said attorney Allen Day, who the department has a contract with, has joined the Public Defender’s Office.

In another proposed resolution the full board will consider Aug. 12, the committee at Gagnon’s request voted to authorize the department to enter into a separate $3,200 contract with attorney John Clo to execute assisted outpatient treatment orders for individuals in four cases due to another county attorney conflict. In this case, the conflict also involved Day.

Gagnon said the $3,200 cost is also being picked up by the state.

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By Josh Bovee

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