Fonda Fair youth awards

Master Showmanship winners from 4-H at this year’s Fonda Fair are, from left, Corey Delisa, Reserve Master Showman; Shawna Darrow, Second Reserve Master Showman; and Katie Joyce, Supreme Master Showman. (Photo submitted)

FONDA — More than 70 youths from Fulton-Montgomery 4-H exhibited at this year’s Fonda Fair, with highlights as follows:

Dairy Cattle Show: Champion Novice Dairy Showman — Alex Thomas; Champion Dairy Showman 11 and younger — Charlise Canary; Champion Dairy Showman 12 to 13 years — Collin Canary; Champion Dairy Showman 14 and older — Hayden Casler; Grand Champion Dairy Showman — Hayden Casler; Champion Ayrshire — Jenna Nelson; Champion Brown Swiss — Adelena Countermine; Champion Holstein — Ben Littrell; Champion Jersey — Quinn Casler; Champion Milking Shorthorn — Sarah Keehan; Champion Grade Dairy — Aiden Glode; Best Bred and Owned Junior — Ava Canary; Best Bred and Owned Senior; and Best Bred and Owned Of Show — Supreme Champion of the Show — Holstein shown by Littrell.

Beef Cattle Show: Champion Novice Beef Showman — Gabriella Martineau; Champion Junior Beef Showman — Angela Lenz; Champion Senior Beef Showman and Grand Champion Beef Showman — Shawna Darrow; Champion Red Angus Female — Katie Joyce; Champion All Other Breeds Female — Darrow; Champion All Other Breeds Bull — Darrow; Champion Beef Female — Red Angus — Joyce; Champion Beef Bull – All Other Breeds — Darrow; Champion Market Steer — Gabriella Martineau; and Best in Show Beef — Red Angus Female — Joyce.

Sheep Show: Champion Novice Sheep Showman — Grace Davis; Champion Junior Sheep Showman — Maegann McSpirit; Champion Senior Sheep Showman and Grand Champion Sheep Showman — Katie Joyce; Champion Border Leicester Ewe — McSpirit; Champion Tunis Ewe — Joyce; Champion Tunis Ram — Joyce; Champion Commercial Meat Breed Ewe — Joyce; Champion All Breeds Ewe – Border Leicester — McSpirit; Champion All Breeds Ram — Tunis — Joyce; Champion Market Lamb — Joyce; and Best In Show Sheep — Border Leicester — McSpirit.

Dairy Goat Show: Champion Junior Dairy Goat Showman — Amelia Hoag, Champion Senior Dairy Goat Showman and Grand Champion Dairy Goat Showman — Corey Delisa, Champion Nigerian Dwarf — Aiden Hoag, Champion Oberhasli — Corey Delisa, Champion All Other Breeds and Best in Show Dairy Goat — Gabriella Martineau.

Meat, Pygmy and Pet Goat Show: Champion Meat Goat Showman — Aiden Hoag; Best In Show Meat Goat — Hoag; Champion Pygmy/Pet Goat Showman — Maegann McSpirit; and Best in Show Pygmy Goat — Evelyn Fessenden.

Swine Show: Champion Senior Swine Showman and Grand Champion Swine Showman — Katie Joyce, and Best In Show Swine — Joyce.

Poultry Show: Champion Novice Poultry Showman — Angela Lenz; Champion Junior Poultry Showman — Kayla Gulick; Champion Senior Poultry Showman — Katie Joyce; Grand Champion Poultry Showman — Gulick; Champion Standard — Single Comb Ancona — Avery Griffin; Champion Bantam — Black Tailed White Japanese — Angela Lenz; Champion Waterfowl — Ancona Duck — Lenz; Champion Production — Olivia Ostrander; Best In Show Poultry — Single Comb Ancona — Avery Griffin; and Best Display of Poultry — Griffin.

Rabbit and Cavy Show: Champion Novice Rabbit Showman — Acadian Oare-Dellinger; Champion Junior Rabbit Showman — Amelia Hoag; Champion Senior Rabbit Showman — Evelyn Fessenden; Grand Champion Rabbit Showman — Hoag; Charlie Gray Memorial Award for Champion New Zealand — Katie Joyce; Champion Commercial Rabbits — Jennifer Keehan; Champion Pet Rabbit — Alyssa Colletti; Best In Show Rabbit – New Zealand — Joyce; Best Display of Rabbits — Joyce; Grand Champion Cavy Showman — Hoag; and Best in Show Cavy — Hoag.

Horse Show: Champion Beginner Horse Showman — Makenna Romell; Champion Junior Horse Showman — Mckenzie Ray; Champion Senior Horse Showman — Michelle Joyce; Second Reserve Grand Champion Horse Showman — Natalie Reed; Reserve Grand Champion Horse Showman — Ray; Grand Champion Horse Showman — Joyce; Champion Western — Natalie Reed; Champion English — Reed; Champion Western Walk/Jog — Ray; Champion English Walk/Trot — Ray; and Champion Miniature Horse — Mitchell Hayner.

Master Showman Competition: Eight champion youth showman competed from each species (excluding horses) for the title of 4-H Master Showman. Hayden Casler — Dairy Cattle; Shawna Darrow — Beef Cattle; Maegann McSpirit — Sheep; Corey Delisa — Dairy Goat; Aiden Hoag — Meat, Pygmy and Pet Goats; Katie Joyce — Swine; Poultry — Kayla Gulick; Rabbit and Cavy — Amelia Hoag; 4-H Supreme Master Showman — Katie Joyce; Reserve 4-H Master Showman — Corey Delisa; and Second Reserve 4-H Master Showman — Shawna Darrow.

Non-Animal Show: Best of Show winners are listed below by the exhibit area they were recognized in. Fine Arts and Photography: Shannon Dening (two exhibits recognized); Mckenzie Ray, Megan Dion and Kelly Donovan. Clothing and Textiles: Jocelyn Bates and Elaina Wells. Arts and Crafts: Megan Dion, Evelyn Fessenden, Amelia Hoag, Ryan Hammond and Cole Nelson. Science and Technology: Christopher DeAngelo and Phillip Johnson. Vegetables: Angela Lenz and Illyria Escher. Food and Food Preservation: Elaina Wells, James Bates and Sarah Keehan. Indoor Gardening and Flowers: Elaina Wells and Aiden Hoag. Environmental Science, Natural Resources and Waste Management: Liam Donde and Megan Dion. Other Exhibits: Jordan Chatwin.

Now that the fair has come to an end, 4-H looks forward to starting a new year on Oct. 1. Any youth between the ages of 5 and 18 or an adult that would like to volunteer, contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension office one of the following ways: by phone at (518) 853-2135, email at [email protected], website at, facebook at CCE Fulton-Montgomery or visit the office at 20 Park St, Room 202, Fonda, NY 12068.

By Kerry Minor

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