Fulton County plans to continue carbon credits

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Department of Solid Waste continues to facilitate the sale of carbon credits, which serve as ongoing revenue for the county landfill operation.

The Board of Supervisors’ Public Works Committee on Monday authorized a $9,000 county contract with First Environment of New York City for verification and validation of carbon credits. The full board may finalize that action Oct. 15.

“This would be a brand new contract,” said department Deputy Director/Administration Cindy Livingston.

Workers at the county landfill on Mud Road convert the facility’s methane gas from the decomposition of waste to electricity, in part for use at the landfill. The generation of electricity annually saves the landfill money on electric costs. The converted electricity also is sold as carbon credits on the market, providing revenue for the county. The $6.5 million conversion project began in June 2010, and the county started receiving carbon credit revenue in November 2010.

Prior to that time, the county used a gas-flare system to merely burn off the methane into the air, leaving its energy potential untapped.

Livingston on Monday noted the Board of Supervisors in August approved a contract with Environmental Attribute Advisors to facilitate sale of carbon credits from 2017 through 2020. As part of that contract, that firm recommended First Environment, which Fulton County first used in 2011.

First Environment is one of only two companies that perform this type of carbon credit verification. The firm verifies that all information is correct and credits can be registered for sale through a climate exchange. Such exchanges are a greenhouse gas reduction and trading system for emission sources and offset projects, county officials said.

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By Kerry Minor

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