Repurposed building now supports five businesses

Shown is the original Alpin Haus building which has been renovated into an office and retail facility that now hosts five new employers. Those include Bluffworks, CSA Tax and Consulting, GoodbuyZ Liquidation Outlets, Open Canvas Beauty Bar and Landscape Depot, Inc. (The Leader-Herald/Briana O’Hara)

AMSTERDAM — Every building has a story including the one where a former ski shop was transformed into an office and retail facility.

Owner of the building, DAN VANN Construction and Development LLC, the five new tenants of the building, along with local representatives of Montgomery County held a building dedication ceremony and grand opening of the site of the original Alpin Haus store that was revitalized into office and retail space.

“We purchased this property in October of last year. We bought it through a Montgomery County tax sale. Our vision was to develop it to bring more commercial space into the corridor,” said Principal of DAN VANN Construction Dan Roth. “Every building has a story, every house has a story, someone lived there, someone started it, someone designed it.”

He said throughout the renovation process, they found old receipts from 1969 in the walls from when the building was the original home of Alpin Haus.

Roth said after Alpin Haus left the building, it became an eyesore.

“It’s a shame what happened to it. We’re glad we were able to bring it back to what it is and make it bigger and better and hopefully more successful in the community,” Roth said.

The building is now home to five new employers who have created 40 new jobs. Those businesses are Bluffworks, CSA Tax and Consulting, GoodbuyZ Liquidation Outlets, Open Canvas Beauty Bar and Landscape Depot, Inc.

Montgomery County Executive Matt Ossenfort congratulated Roth on the building and the creation of the 40 jobs. He said he has seen a lot of growth throughout the county and the revitalization of the building is an example of that growth.

“Going from where you were to where you are, that’s what it’s all about, that’s what we’re trying to do countywide,” Ossenfort said.

“This is a beautiful complex and it’s a great addition to Route 30,” said Amsterdam Supervisor Thomas DiMezza. “The Route 30 [corridor] just continues to grow and grow, and we’re very proud of that.”

He also congratulated Roth on the building and the creation of the new jobs.

John Daly, founder of Alpin Haus, said before realizing his dream of building a ski shop, he was a truck driver.

“You have to follow your dream.” Daly said.

Andy Heck, Alpin Haus president, said the building is “something great for the community to see.”

Following the ceremony, attendees were able to explore inside the building and view the five new businesses. According to a news release, Bluffworks is a New York City-based clothing design company that specializes in performance work and travel attire.

“I am from this area, and [the founder of Bluffworks] told me my time working and my time with my family is invaluable, so I shouldn’t waste my time commuting. I’ve been working from home for the past seven years, but our customer service team needed more space,” said Monica Turley, Bluffworks distribution and customer service manager. “This new location enables our local Bluffworks team to grow while maintaining our work-life balance.”

CSA Tax and Consulting is a newly founded partnership between tax professionals Marcy Canale and Matt Stolz.

“Matt and I are excited for the opportunity to work with local clients and share our tax expertise. We are taking over a local firm that has provided tax services for the past 40 years, and we are looking forward to CSA being a part of this community for many years to come,” Canale said.

GoodbuyZ Liquidation Outlets offers consumer goods at low-cost prices. The company also operates another retail location in Johnstown.

“GoodbuyZ owners and staff are excited to be in Amsterdam and bring our shopping concept and discounted products to a new area. We hope to build success by offering quality products at a lower price and consistently changing inventory and rotating stock throughout our locations and warehouses weekly,” said Michael VanHorne of GoodbuyZ. “Our friendly staff will make shopping at our locations a delightful and welcoming experience. We are here to help shoppers enjoy the experience of saving money. Our staff will be there to help shoppers and answer questions at any time. Hope to see you soon.”

Open Canvas Beauty Bar is a full-service beauty salon specializing in hair styling and extensions, makeup and nail painting.

“I am excited and honored to be a part of such a beautiful and unique landmark in Amsterdam, where I have been a lifetime resident. Half of my dream with this space is to provide a space where hopeful entrepreneurs can become just that and earn their highest income potential while growing and expanding their knowledge within the industry to best provide such services to our community, all the while feeling like a family and not a group of colleagues,” said Nikki Arndt, the owner of Open Canvas Beauty Bar. “The other half of my dream is to provide a judgment free, clean, safe, and welcoming salon that feels just like home to our guests while they are being serviced, and where the coffee is always on.”

Landscape Depot is a full-service horticulture and landscape design and installation firm.

The location was ideal for company founder Peter Hand, who praised the team and DAN VANN for their efforts to refurbish and modernized the location. Along with Hand, the new office location will employ four other team members.

By Patricia Older

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