Adirondack Treasures offers crafts for all seasons of the year

Shown is Debbie Taylor at her craft business, Adirondack Treasures where she hand crafts various item in her shop. (Photo submitted)

WELLS — What started as a hobby to keep busy, local Wells woman has expanded her interests in making handmade crafts into a business.

Debbie Taylor with help from her husband, Keith Taylor, from their own home, operates Adirondack Treasures, an all-season craft store.

“It’s something I started to keep busy and I enjoy it,” Taylor said.

Taylor operates the small business from the basement of her home at 104 Abrams Road in the town of Wells.

This is the second business Taylor has operated from her home. She said in 2003 she used to sell “creative costumes” such as Halloween costumes, and did that for four years until it became too much and the costumes began to take over her basement.

Taylor decided to begin the craft store eight months ago after going to a craft store and wanting to try the business for herself.

At Adirondack Treasures, Taylor sells all-season hand-crafted items such as signs, Easter decorations, Fall decorations, Christmas decorations, snowmen, log center pieces, seasonal wreaths, shadow boxes, winter baskets, ornaments, gnomes, wooden Christmas trees and hand painted scenery and landscape pictures. Her husband helps with some of the craft pieces like the wooden snowman and has made a red sleigh.

“It’s all handmade,” Taylor said.

Costs for her hand crafted pieces vary from product to product, but Taylor said she tends to keep prices relatively low because of the area she is in.

She said if she were to sell at in place such as Lake Placid where it’s a bigger town, she’d raise the prices.

But her prices currently range from $10 to $30. The seasonal wreaths can range from $15 to $25; wooden Christmas trees can cost $22; and gnomes can cost anywhere between $10 and $30.

“It’s pretty good quality stuff at reasonable prices,” Taylor said.

She said business is currently slow, but is hoping it will pick up.

Taylor recently attended a craft show in Wells where she set up two tables.

“I did well a the craft show,” she said.

The business currently doesn’t have set hours since Taylor’s first priority is being a grandmother to her grandchildren.

“My number one priority are my grand children,” Taylor said.

She said anyone interested in any of her items to call for hours.

Taylor said anything she hand crafts is a “labor of love.”

By Josh Bovee

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