County sales tax revenue sees increase

JOHNSTOWN — Fulton County’s sales tax revenue for the fourth quarter of 2019 — including the traditional holiday season — increased by a robust $322,247 from a year ago.

Sales tax numbers were included in county Treasurer Terry Blodgett’s quarterly analysis, according to figures provided by the state.

Total sales tax distribution in Fulton County was up by $322,247 — from about $5.53 million for the fourth quarter of 2018 to $5.85 million for 2019.

“The way the governor is telling us, is we’re getting additional revenues from internet sales now,” Blodgett said Tuesday.

For 2019, it was a mixed bag of sales tax. After being down by close to a million dollars in Fulton County for sales tax the first half of the year, the county’s sales tax situation rebounded the second half of the year. Fulton County saw its overall third quarter sales tax in 2019 increase $393,212. But the county had been down $900,000 for the first half of the year

Net sales tax received exclusively by the county also increased for the fourth quarter of 2019. It was up by $131,517 for the quarter, from about $3.69 million in 2018 compared to $3.82 million for 2019.

Blodgett said a reduction in Aid and Incentives for Municipalities (AIM) program funding, which provides state aid to all of New York’s municipalities, also impacted sales tax. He said Fulton County’s sales tax for the county would have shown more than a 3.8 percent increase.

The 2019-20 state budget reduced AIM funding by $59 million, eliminating aid for 1,326 towns and villages determined to be less reliant on AIM.

In the Glove Cities, fourth quarter sales tax was also up. The city of Gloversville’s sales tax increased from $828,103 for 2018 to $1,018,003 for 2019. The city of Johnstown’s sales tax increased less sharply from $1,029,441 in 2018 to $1,076,912 for 2019.

Total sales tax for Fulton County’s towns and villages increased by $42,437 — from about $1.83 million in 2018 to $1.88 million in 2019.

A fourth quarter breakdown by municipality, including the total received and the differences across the board, follow:

Town of Bleecker, $71,445 — down $356; town of Broadalbin, $240,785 — up by $14,883; village of Broadalbin, $46,903 — up $1,994; village of Broadalbin portion in the town of Mayfield, $706 — down $5.28; town of Caroga, $180,680 — up $3,246; town of Ephratah, $55,233 — up $4,557; town of Johnstown, $328,412 — up $7,135; town of Mayfield, $318,462 — down $2,453; village of Mayfield, $30,982 — up $17.82; town of Northampton, $213,494 — up $1,888; village of Northville, $62,828 — up $525; town of Oppenheim, $69,291 — up $4,401; village of Dolgeville portion in Fulton County, $3,160 — up $173; town of Perth, $166,588 — up $3,610; town of Stratford, $76,967 — up $2,817.

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By Josh Bovee

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