GASD sells former Bacon school

AMSTERDAM — The former Clara S. Bacon Elementary School is now under new ownership and will continue to be used as an educational facility.

The Greater Amsterdam School District recently sold the former elementary school building for $224,000 to Thousand Acres Associates, LLC in association with Whispering Pines Preschool Inc., who will use the facility to expand its education and therapy services, according to a release.

GASD Board of Education President Dr. Nellie Bush said the school building, which has been closed for many years, was originally put up for sale when it first closed. Bush said someone was interested in buying it but backed out.

She said Whispering Pines Preschool had been renting out a portion of the building and each year the preschool began to expand its services and ended up renting out every classroom.

“It finally has been sold,” Bush said. “We’re very happy to see the school will remain a facility to educate children.”

According to the press release, Whispering Pines provides education and therapy services to young children with autism and various other special needs, along with Universal Pre-kindergarten programs for 3- and 4-year-old children in the GASD.

They also offer daycare wrap around services for babies and toddlers under three years old, along with a toddler playgroup in the school.

“The preschool program saw an excellent opportunity to expand its operations in Amsterdam, NY with the ownership of the former Clara S. Bacon Elementary School. With the purchase of this property, the former elementary school will continue to be used as an educational facility where children in the region can grow and flourish,” the press release states.

The facility will also continue to honor the name “Clara S. Bacon” who was a respected educational leader in the school district.

By Kerry Minor

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