Snow mobile accident injures riders

NORTHAMPTON — Two snow mobile riders were air lifted to Albany Medical Center on Saturday after colliding with one another on the Great Sacandaga Lake, according to officers.

Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino said two snow mobilers had collided on the lake off of Bunker Hill Road.

“One was ice fishing and got on the sled to go check his tip-ups and did not have a helmet on,” Giardino said. “He collided with someone who was riding on the lake.”

Both riders were air lifted to Albany Medical Center. Both riders in the hospital were responsive and alert Saturday night.

Giardino could not release the names of the two snow mobile riders involved or any other information as the incident remains under investigation.

“The crash is still under investigation,” Giardino said.

The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who takes part in winter recreation on the Sacandaga Lake to use the Henry D. Ross Send It app. The GPS based alert app was created by Maria Ross and the Henry D Ross Memorial Fund, which was launched last year. The app will allow users to mark possible hazards including thin ice, debris and ice heaves, as well as good conditions. Active users will then be able to receive alerts when near any of the possible hazards.

The app can also be very beneficial to the sheriff’s office and other emergency responders. Whenever an incident such as the crash that occurred on Saturday happens, those involved can use the app to see where they are and let first responders know of their location.

“This app will help you navigate dangerous areas on the Sacandaga Lake,” the sheriff’s office stated on Facebook.

By Josh Bovee

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