Weights and measures report given

JOHNSTOWN — The Fulton County Weights and Measures Department recently made public its yearly activities, which is increasingly involving work at the county’s farms.

“It’s my annual report, I have to do it for the state,” department Director James Callery recently informed the Board of Supervisors’ Public Safety Committee.

Callery runs a one-person department in accordance with New York Agriculture and Markets Law. The Fulton County Weights and Measures Department promotes equity and fairness in all consumer transactions involving weight, measure, count or pricing. The department annually inspects and tests all commercially used weighing and measuring devices for both accuracy and proper operation. State-certified weights and measuring devices are used during testing procedures.

The department certifies all calibrations on gas pumps yearly, when there is a complaint, or the pump is recalibrated. Sixty-six lab samples were taken for gasoline last year.

The department received seven complaints in 2019: devices — two; gasoline — one; and other — four. All the complaints were resolved.

Callery told supervisors that he worked 1,463 hours in 2019, with nearly 30 percent of his time dedicated to gasoline pump inspection and testing. Nearly 22 percent of his workload dealt with inspecting and testing weighing devices, with 10 to 12 percent of his time dealing with both administration and inspections of all other commercial devices.

The report indicated that during 2019, the Weights and Measures Department conducted 236 inspections among 181 jurisdictions. Callery conducted 26 inspections among seven supermarkets. He conducted 35 inspections in 32 food store/deli establishments, and 55 inspections among 27 gas station stores.

Other inspections included: 15 inspections at farm/produce establishments, 12 inspections at drug stores, 11 inspections at asphalt/salvage establishments, and 10 inspections at variety/multiple establishments.

“We’re getting more farms coming up with milk tanks,” Callery said. “We have to calibrate those.”

Callery has 28 farm milk tanks in his jurisdiction.

The report said 847 total devices were tested, including: liquid measuring devices — 449; scales — 304; weights — 80; miscellaneous devices —10; and linear devices — four. Other types of scales and measuring devices Callery dealt with in 2019 included: vehicle scales, prescription scales, pharmacy weights, timing devices, computing scales, pre-pack scales, and linear measuring devices.

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By Kerry Minor

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