Legislator wants county to pay

FONDA — One of the Montgomery County Legislators came forward and spoke out as a resident during the Legislature’s regular meeting on Tuesday with a claim that the county should be responsible for the damage done to his vehicle after a snow plow backed into it.

District 4 Legislator Robert Headwell spoke as a Fultonville resident during the public comment portion of the Legislature’s regular meeting to discuss a car incident that occurred with his son, who works for the county Department of Public Works.

Headwell said his son had borrowed one of his vehicles on Dec. 3 when he got called in at 5 a.m. to clear snow for the county.

“He was on Park Street facing east when one of the county trucks was backing down Park Street, backed into his car,” Headwell said. “He was blowing the horn, sat there, still got hit. It cost $2,500 worth of damage to the car.”

Headwell said he had the car fixed and when he got the bill he sent it to the county. The county sent the bill to the insurance company which commented, “We take the position that Montgomery County is not legally liable for the damage to your property,” Headwell read. “We believe the snow plow engaged in clearing the roadway is not held to the ordinary negligence standard. We find no evidence that suggests that the alleged actions of the operator of the snow plow vehicle meet the reckless disregard standard.”

Headwell said not only was there damage to the car that had to be fixed, but there was also a car seat in the vehicle that had to be replaced.

“I’m asking for Montgomery County to step up and take responsibility for an accident,” he said. “The gentleman was not plowing when the accident happened. He was backing down the road. He backed into the car on Park Street.”

For the remainder of the meeting, Headwell voted “nay” for almost all of the 24 resolutions passed during the meeting.

By Josh Bovee

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