Search for library director at the Gloversville Public Library ongoing

GLOVERSVILLE — The Gloversville Public Library earlier this month reopened the search for a new library director that began following the retirement of former Director Barbara Madonna in December.

Craig Clark, president of the Gloversville Public Library Board of Trustees, on Thursday said the board advertised the library director’s position shortly after Madonna’s retirement and received some initial applications.

“But not enough,” he said.

The board reposted the position roughly two weeks ago and has already received some applications with interviews currently underway.

“We’re still accepting applications as well,” said Clark.

The director is responsible for planning, organizing and directing the operations and activities of the library, including overseeing a staff of seven full-time and nine part-time employees. The director must possess a Master’s of Library Science or equivalent to be considered for the position and be a state resident. Permanent appointment to the position is contingent upon civil service approval.

The board is hoping to have a permanent appointment in place sometime this spring, said Clark, noting that a start date would depend on the individual’s need to give notice or potentially to relocate.

“The search I think is going well at this point and we hope to have somebody in place by sometime in the spring,” said Clark.

But Clark acknowledged that Interim Director Nicole Hauser, who was appointed by the board following Madonna’s retirement, will likely continue in that role when the library is ultimately able to reopen following the lifting of restrictions related to the coronavirus. A current stay at home order for non-essential workers issued by Gov. Andrew Cuomo runs to May 15 subject to review and possible extension.

“Nicole is set to remain our interim director until such time as we can hire another director,” said Clark. “Nicole has done a fantastic job as interim director during this time. Obviously when she took on the job nobody was expecting a pandemic or all of the challenges we face. I certainly commend all of the staff, board members and members of the Friends [of the Library] for all the work they have done and for dealing with all of the uncertainty.”

Although the library closed its doors to the public on March 17, Clark said the library continues to offer online services, including full access to the library’s collection of eBooks, audio books and digital magazines and staff members remain active on the library’s Facebook page while regularly posting a virtual children’s story time.

Still, he said, everyone at the library is looking forward to reopening the doors when restrictions are lifted.

“We’re just like any other entity, we’re taking it in as news about the pandemic unfolds, but we’re certainly looking forward to reopening. I know all of our staff, board member and friends’ group certainly miss going to the library and miss the community,” said Clark. “The library is the hub of the community and we’re looking forward to getting things back to as close to normal as possible. I think everybody is.”

By Kerry Minor

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